NJ Bear Hunt Winding Down and Protesters Winding Up

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While a successful New Jersey bear hunt comes to a close Saturday evening, it appears that there will be more protesters and litigation ahead. According to NorthJersey.com with just two days left in the season the state is allowing 30 protesters at one checking station on Friday and up to 160 protesters at the same station on Saturday.

A court-mediated agreement to do so ended a lawsuit by the Englishtown-based Animal Protection League, which claimed that the 25-person limit violated its Constitutional rights of assembly and free speech. “It would have severely infringed on our first amendment rights,” said Doris Lin, lawyer for the animal rights group. Meanwhile, the activist Animal Protection League and the West Milford-based Bear Education and Resource Group are in continued litigation challenging the legality of the state’s Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy, Lin said.


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I really like Jim's idea of

I really like Jim's idea of making these people take a class in wildlife management or something similar. The sad thing is, it would not do a bit of good. They are just too darn thick headed for anything like that to work. They have their emotion based views and they will not even think for a moment about looking at the facts to help enlighten their opinions. If they would open up to the facts, than we would not be in this situation. The facts are right in front of them, they are just really good at ignoring them. Let the idiots waive their signs... good wildife management prevailed and I hope it does in the future in that state. I am sure that there are going to be some pictures that come out of their protest that cause me to grind an eighth of an inch off my molars... so be it. It is not like they are going to be doing their cause a lick of good by that. I hope that the hunt was a success and that the quota was filled. Congratulations to the people in New Jersey that put bears on the ground.

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Maybe they should have

Maybe they should have brought some live ones in for the protesters.

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Here is what I do not get -

Here is what I do not get - why do they have to allow anyone (protesters) to the site at all?

If they are not hunters or related to the hunt, keep them the *&^% out... let's see here.... just because a reporter wants to go into to the Jets locker room, are they automatically admitted?

What about someone who wants to attend a congressional hearing on nuclear arms bans...

I know these are not the best analogies but this just steams me - and I could give a rip about bear hunting up in the northeast...

What they should do is to make each protester have to complete a course on nature and the proper balances that only (at least in these days and times) hunting can provide.

Deer are a great example - their comeback in the last 40 years has been explosive and if it were not for hunters, the states or feds would have to create a eradication program...

Having said that, not only does a program like this have to be created (which would certainly cost) - the states get an incredible revenue stream by "allowing" us to hunt!

State revenues notwithstanding, there is also the revenue to all the businesses that prosper from hunters...

I would love to see how these protesters would howl when they ran into a deer (or bear, elk, etc) in one of those little Beamers or Miatas - then the howls of protest would turn the other way.

OK, I have it off of my chest now... time to move on to something a little more positive!!

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I love it.... "485 dead bears

I love it.... "485 dead bears have been brought in"......

Is that compared to bringing in 485 LIVE bears to the check station? lol

Let them protest.  As long as they don't stop the hunt, there will be less next year, and even less the year after that.  It's obviously been effective.