Newfoundland and Labrador Trying to Reduce Moose Collisions

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With an upcoming election, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is taking some preemptive measures to appease voters, by spending $5 million on programs to reduce moose collisions. The province already spends $2 million a year on tree and brush cutting along the roads, they are going to add another million to that effort. Also there will be fences built in areas where there is a lot of moose activity, with boulder walls placed at the beginning and end of the fence to make it more difficult for moose to get onto the road. Warning lights will be installed, the lights will be set off by the large animals, and then flash, warning drivers to slow down.

Police estimate there were 800 accidents with moose last year alone and 2 of them were fatal.

Some think these measures should have been put in place years ago, and that they are only doing it now after the class-action lawsuit filed by moose collision victims, and because there is an election in October. "I think they’re doing the bare minimum they think they can get away with and not suffer the wrath of voters in the election in October. So far they don’t think that requires them to make any financial amends for the people who’ve been injured in the past," lawyer Ches Crosbie, representing the class-action plaintiffs, said of the pilot project. From The Chronicle Herald.


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I agree and hope...

I agree that blaming the government is silly.  But I wonder if those efforts to reduce moose collisions could be more effectively directed toward sending me a moose tag!  Ok well if not me explicitly - how about a moose population managament program that focuses on quality hunting opportunities?  That would be a better solution in my eyes and it eliminates the cost of the other plan from the government budget - instead bringing revenues IN for the cash strapped government from sportsmen and women like us who would be more than happy to pay for the opportunity to help them to control their moose population.  This really seems like a no - brainer to me.  Hopefully someone in teh Canadian governments will think of it too.  Maybe we should send them a link to and hope they read the moose related threads?  Anybody have contact info for the fish and game departments in Newfoundland and Labrador?  

In any case - thanks for sharing the information and keeping us up to date!

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I think the part about

I think the part about blaming the government for auto collisions is a bit far reaching but people will do anything to avoid blame and make some free money. There are so many areas where moose are declining in numbers so to see aplace like this where they are still flourishing is actually very encouraging. I think the plans they are using are good ideas, by clearing the brush back it gives you a little more reaction time if they decide to come running out to cross the road. Although they are very expensive the use of the game fences works very well and they have built quite a few here in Colorado to keep the elk off the road with great success. In the end though when in high population and crossing areas the best thing you can do is just slow down and pay attention to your driving.