New Zealand Fishing Charter Company Looks to Expand to Hunting from Boats

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Fish and hunt - all from one boat! That sounds like a dream come true. Queenstown Fishing Charter company is looking to expand the activities allowed on Lakes Wakatipu, Wanaka and Hawea in New Zealand. They put in an application to Lakes Environmental to increase what they are allowed to do. Currently on their 6.5m boat they can fish and give scenic tours. The company wants to offer deer and goat hunts, skeet shooting and waterfowl hunts from the back of the boat. The company does have safety measures in mind for the public, allowing only one person at a time to shoot except for waterfowl where it would be one or two people at a time. They also plan on doing these activities in the remote parts of the lakes.

The goat and deer hunting is conditional on consent of both private landowners and the Department of Conservation, depending on where the hunting is proposed. From Otago Daily Times.


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Well, as AF said, I don't

Well, as AF said, I don't know whether or not I agree with fishing and hunting together. But, in places like Alaska, hunting by boat is extremely popular. 

I know they do not shoot the animals from the boat, but they do flost up and down those backwaters looking for bears, moose, whatever.  I have always thought it would be fun to do.

Whether or not it would work in New Zealand, I am not sure.  I would think they could at least approve it on a trial basis to see how hunting from a boat would work out, and if there would be too negative an affect on the goat and deer populations.

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really like

I really like the idea of shooting and/or hunting off the back of the boat.  But, with that said, I would have some pretty strict regulations.

First, I'm not sure about mixing fishing with hunting.  Maybe it should be either one or the other.  If you go fishing, then fish.  If you go hunting, then hunt.  You would cut down on the number of people in the boat and the type of interest.  The only time a crossover might happen is when on a "combination" trip where everyone on board is both fishing and hunting.

Secondly, how remote of an area can they get to?  I'd hope that if another boat can be seen, they would not be allowed to shoot.  As far as skeet goes, lots of luxury cruise lines offer skeet shooting off one of the rear decks.  When they are way out in open waters, there's not much chance of anyone getting hurt by flying lead.

I wonder if they plan on letting hunters shoot from the boat itself?  You sure can't do that in the USA.  Even in the remote parts of Alaska, it is unlawful to shoot from a boat.  I'm not exactly sure why but I'm sure it must be related to safety.  In fact, I believe that in Alaska, you are not allowed to hunt any game animal on the same day that you fly.  If you fly into your area on Tuesday, you are not allowed to hunt until Wednesday.  That sure wouldn't work for a boat but at least one would have to disembark the boat before hunting.

Bottom line, I hope they can pull it off.