New York Looks at Ways to Control Wild Hogs

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New York is currently considering banning captive wild boar hunts. They are afraid of the devastating damage by wild hogs to crops and wildlife habitat. They already have wild hogs breeding in central New York, with numbers in the hundreds. New York does not want the problem to get as large as Texas, with numbers in the millions, and quickly multiplying. The damage done by wild hogs becomes very apparent when their numbers are in the thousands and they stake out more territory. From


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I still don't really think

I still don't really think that hogs are expanding or reproducing as fast as they claim as I see the same numbers every year and have been hearing for twenty years that they will be think in every state in about twenty years. Still has not happened. I think a lot of the expansion people have seen is from transplants not from normal expansion. I think th ecold and snow issue slows themn down but will not stop them at all, I have seen hog hunting wideos in some very cold places. I think they would merely be limited in how many litters they could have every year like rabbits. I read somewhere that rabbits lose thier first and last litter every year for the same reasons. But sespite that they reproduce like crazy and I think that hogs would follow the same pattern. Hunting them doesn't cost as much as other game animals so the best course of action is to travel a little if you want to hunt them, if you wait for them to get to you it could be a very long time befoer they get there.

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I heard someone talking on

I heard someone talking on another site, I think, about how they don't think the pigs could ever get a foothold in upstate New York, Vermont, or New Hampshire.  They said that the adults would do okay in winter, but that the piglets would have trouble surviving, especially in areas of deep snow. 

And, that's what really tells if pigs will take off in your area or not, is the survival rate of piglets.  Since they can have a couple of litters a year, and 8-10 piglets a littler, the numbers increase 10 fold.  However, if the winter kill is really large, those piglets will be less likely to do all that reporducing.

I'd like to see them in Vermont, but not holding my breath.

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Weird to hear wild hog and

Weird to hear wild hog and New York on the same sentence.  I am ASSuming that they are referring to the outlying parts and I had no idea that they even had wild hogs.  Yeah I can understand why they may nopt the problem to get out of control, next thing you know they will be running down Wall Street!

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Bring it on!

GooseHunter jr – they aren’t talking about New York City but about New York State – sort of like there is more to Texas than downtown Dallas, there is more to New York State than any part of New York City.  We have the largest wild area in the lower 48 with the six million acre Adirondack park for starters and that doesn’t even get into the Central New York farm country for big buck!

The hogs are in southern New York state on the edge of the Pennsylvania border.  I can only hope that they reproduce and move north.  I know of at least two attempts to introduce them into the Adirondack mountains but both attempts were either shot out or winter killed before a breeding population could get established. 

If New York State Department of Environmental Conservation decides to go for an end goal of a reduction in the number of feral pigs then I hope they use hunting to do it.  Even if hunters would not be able to get all of them the population could be so reduced as to not be an issue – at least on lands that allow public hunting.  If there are farmers that are having crops wiped out by the hogs on private land that doesn’t allow hunting access then this is exactly the sort of crisis that might prompt them into opening their land to allow hunting.  This is a win : win on every level for hunters.   It might lead to developing a whole hog hunting industry on private ranches in the state of New York once the game animal potential is recognized by the hunting public at large.  I hope that I get to be among them!