New York Deer Hunters Get Surprise

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About 10 years ago, Glenn Donnelly was gifted several Roosevelt Elk. He owns a private wildlife/zoo in Cayuga County, New York where he kept 14 of the large elk on 12 acres fenced off with 8 foot tall fence. Recently during the rut the bull elk walked out through the fence, and the cows followed him out.

While the elk were out, the bull elk and one of the cows were shot by deer hunters in the area. On Saturday James Parent shot the bull elk, he waited a day before notifying the DEC.  Floyd Bertollini shot a cow elk, and as soon as he realized what he had done he called the DEC. Donnelly's son Patrick came to help Bertollini finish off the wounded animal.

So far no tickets have been issued in these instances. The investigation is continuing, and the hunters might lose their hunting privileges as they need to be certain of their target before shooting. On Sunday Donnelly's staff were out searching for the elk, and received a call from the DEC telling him that they had the bull in the back of the truck. Donnelly believed the elk would come back on their own in a couple of days, as long as the bull elk was there he would lead them home. After the bull was shot, the cows became confused and lost in the woods.

The meat from the bull elk ended up spoiling and being wasted, as it was just left in the back of the truck. The meat from the cow elk was fed to a Siberian tiger at Donnelly's zoo. This was not the first time animals had escaped from Donnelly's zoo. In August of 2010 a serval escaped and was hit by a car. From


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I'm confused

Why on earth would the hunters be in trouble for shooting these critters?  Elk are not a protected species in NY.  It wouldn't be any different than shooting a russian boar, warthog, axis deer, bigfoot, or unicorn.  They just aren't on the books in NY.

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How in the world do you

How in the world do you mistake a bull or cow elk for a whitetail deer? Other than they have 4 legs and are brown, they look nothing alike. Very poor on the part of the hunters. Its a same the bull was wasted.

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if it were me, the bull

if it were me, the bull probably would still be shot. however, it wouldn't have been a mistake.

i'd bet none of the hunters actually mistook their animal, they were just caught up in the moment and wanted to kill an elk.

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I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing myself.