New Rounds of BigGameHunt Grand Slam Challenge Starting Soon

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We are pleased to announce that Camera Land in conjunction with Olympus will be sponsoring the March and April rounds of our BGH Grand Slam Challenge! Doug from Camera Land has been a great supporter of BGH over the years and he along with Olympus agreed to donate several cameras and binoculars for two rounds in 2011. If you ever have any questions about optics or are considering a new optics purchase, it will be worth your while to contact Doug and see what Camera Land can do for you.

Check out the contest announcement page to see all the new prizes up for grabs in the following months. We rounded out the prizes with the always popular SureFire flashlights to bring the total prizes to seven for each month.

The March contest rules only have one significant change, we are going to limit winning to only once in either March or the April round. What this means is that if you take seventh (7th) place or above in the March round, you cannot win a prize again in the April round. Winners are still welcome to participate as always, but we want to limit winning to only once in the following two months.

Information to help get started with contributing your photos and stories to BGH!

Tips and Story submission guidelines:

Going forward we are planning several more rounds in the future, and details are still being worked out. Stay tuned and good luck!


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Here's the funny thing.  I

Here's the funny thing.  I have been contemplating getting one of those smart phones, like a Droid or an Iphone.  However, I keep wondering what I will use it for.

Now, I think I can get one just to log on to this site 24/7, even post reports from the tree!!!

Don't want to miss a minute.  Thanks Mods/Owners!!!!

by the way, my wife does not like you guys anymore.  Too many contests, too much time in front of the computer... lol

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Thanks guys, that is fantastic!