New Record Vermont Muzzleloader Whitetail Buck

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The Burlington Free Press has a write up about Scott Carter and his many years of hunting the northeastern woods. His years of experience scored Scott a superb typical buck that scored out at 156 5/8 B&C, placing him at the top of Vermont bucks taken during the blackpowder season.

It was the culmination of a passion for tracking big bucks -- and big bucks only -- that more often than not has seen Carter's tags go unfilled, although he has had his chances. "I take my hunting pretty serious and I've seen some wicked animals over the years," said Carter, a soft-spoken carpenter. "I have a knack for finding them, but a hard time getting them. It seems like the really big ones always manage to get away. I either miss or they find some other way of getting away."


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Congratulations on your new

Congratulations on your new state record. That is definitely one big beautiful buck!!!!!

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That is a rea looking

That is a rea looking buck....congrats to the lucky hunter.