New Mexico Votes to Remove Trapping Ban

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Federal officials have been working on reintroducing the Mexican gray wolf to New Mexico. Last month the state decided to withdraw from the reintroduction project. Now after recommendations from New Mexico wildlife officials the state game commissioners have voted to remove a ban on trapping in southwestern New Mexico.

The ban started last summer, and then was extended for a study to be conducted on the risk of trapping and snaring wolves. The study has been completed but the findings have not been published yet. Conservationists say the commission has acted too soon and they are only helping out ranchers. From the Albuquerque Journal.


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they have rules set in for

they have rules set in for those who trap wolfs and dont' mean to.  they just want to know.  as for the wolfs at last count there where about 4 or 5 leave in the wild pack.  after starting with over 30.

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I have no problem with this. 

I have no problem with this.  I do think they should monitor if any of the Mexican Grey Wolves are being trapped as a bycatch, and see what the impact is on their numbers.  However, I would guess that if they do get caught in the trap, then who would report it?  Probably not many, if any.

I think the state of New Mexico has a pretty good handle on things, and knows well enough what is best for the balance in species.  No matter what decision they make, they will have people from one group or another complaining.  The "carnivore" people, "Wildearth Guardians", and Sierra Club opinions should come as no surprise.

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Let me help you some since i

Let me help you some since i live here in New Mexico.  For the last 10 or so years they have been trying to reintroducing mexican gray wolfs to the southwest area of the New Mexico.  It hasn't gone very well from the start.  The gray wolf from the start did what they did best, kill livestock!!  well the ranchers did what they do best protect what was theres.  well in the last 3 years there has been alot of talk at the state level and fininly last year before are love Currupt Gov. Bill Richardson lelf office he put a trapping ban in affect for all of the Gila where the gray wolfs are.  Because they thought people couldn't tell the differents between grey wolfs and Coyotes.  But still the ranchers kept shooting all wolfs on spot.   the ban was just a slap in the face of honest trappers.  Are new Gov. Martinez said fix the problem and report back.  which came in the responds of them not wanting to spend anymore money on the Reintroduction. 


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I'm not sure how to read

I'm not sure how to read everything into this with the lift of the trapping ban and then the talk of the wolf reintroduction talks as well. It sort of looks like the state is now making a statement that they want nothing to do with the wolf plan and have decided to do nothing to support it. I have to agree with that idea as getting woves started in another state when they have worked so hard to get them under control in others makes no sense to me. New Mexico doesn't have enough game to go around anyway to introduce another predator. On top of that I don't think the government needs to be wasting money on programs like this one with all the finacial problems we are having as a country.