New Mexico Offers Refund to Hunters

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The Jemez Mountains in New Mexico is home to thousands of elk. This area has some of the best deer and elk habitat in New Mexico. New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has closed 20% of unit 6C this year due to the Las Conchas Fire.

Department of Game and Fish is offering to return the hunters their license fees for this area. If a hunter chooses to get a refund they must send in their hunting license to the department. If they decide to hunt they will have to share a smaller area, due to the closure.

Unit 6C is a very popular hunting area. More than 1,000 hunters buy licenses for the unit each year. Last year, hunters bagged 174 bull elk and 108 cow elk in the area. From

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Yeah the fire burned in 3

Yeah the fire burned in 3 differnt units in the jemez mt.  6A, 6C, and 6B which is the VCNP.  6C got the worse of it.   

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Thanks for adding to the

Thanks for adding to the report and clearing up what at first didn't sound like to bad aof a situation Smitty. I suppose it looks good that they are offering this refund but they want to downplay it so that they don't loose all the revenue if they actually have to do it. It sure would bite to be one of the lucky guys to get the tag and then not be able to use it or worse try to use it and find out you really had no where to go, especially if you were a non resident such as myself and put out a large sum of moey for it. I guess I would have to turn mine in unless I knew someone there that could put me at ease as to what I was getting into.

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That would suck to have a tag

That would suck to have a tag in a good area like that only to hear they are going to close it on you.  I guess the only good part is that you would get your money back, but sometimes the hunt is more important than the money is.

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Its funny how they say 20%. 

Its funny how they say 20%.  I live here its more like 90% is closed.  they only part open is in the most northern part of the unit and is alot of privite land.  there is a small are in the east part of the unit but not much elk, maybe some deer.    I am just glad that with my deer tag i have for this unit, i can also hunt unit 6A too.  I am also glad that i have tag for elk in a differnt unit all together.