New Mexico Elk Archery Hunters: Another Chance to Get a License

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Mark your calendars! If you missed out on a New Mexico elk tag, you have another chance. Starting at 10 am on November 2nd, late season elk licenses will be available at the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish's website. These will be available on a first come, first served basis, so the department is recommending that hunters get their account information set up before the sale. The late season is ;handled this way because the state biologists are actively collecting data to determine management needs, and then the late season is created after data has been collected.

About 275 archery elk hunting licenses will be available. Available late-season elk licenses include: Unit 12 - Nov. 19 to Nov. 23, 25 licenses; Unit 34 - Dec. 17 to Dec. 21, 200 licenses; Unit 37 - Dec. 3 until Dec. 7, 50 licenses.From Las Cruces Sun-News.


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As good as it sounds, i would

As good as it sounds, i would have to say do your research 1st before ever trying for these tags.  Unit 12 elk herd are not very big.  Unit 37 herd is going to be down in the low lands of the unit by Dec. 3-7.  If there was a tag here worth trying for it would be the Unit 34 Dec. 17 to 21.  They will be in the flats.  O by the way the Tag is not just for any bull it has to have at least 6 points on one side. Happy hunting 

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That is pretty cool NM does

That is pretty cool NM does this and in this way. Good sound wildlife managment. I bet those tags will be gone in less than an hour. Good luck to all who try and to the lucky 275 that get a tag.  

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Open to 1st 275 Lucky Ones!


The way I read it this is open to residents as well as non-residents alike... as long as you don't currently already hold an elk license for the 2011/2012 season.  You just have to be one of the lucky and first 275 to apply and win the draw for these licenses.  I will have to call the listed number within the link to be certain.  

On their web site I have already set up my profile to make applying as efficient as possible.  You definitely need to peruse the web site in advance to ensure you efficiently can navigate where needed to apply.

I would love to hunt and harvest a New Mexico Elk.  Unit 34 is the most at odds of winning a license... and the only week I am available... so let the chance begin on November 2nd!




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I would love to apply for one

I would love to apply for one of these tags. I have always wanted to hunt elk in New Mexico. But it has been off my radar since they changed the non-residents tags around. Like others have asked I wonder if this hunt will allow non-residents to hunt or not. Sounds like a great oppertunity for the lucky few who get the tags. I was watching an episode of Eastman's a while back an dGuy was hunting bulls in the late season i think in New Mexico, It looked like a lot of fun and he ended up getting a very nice late season bull on public land. He said it's a hard tag to get but worth the wait. Good luck to all who apply and gets a tag.

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275 licenses isn't very many

275 licenses isn't very many so I bet they'll be gone quickly. I read the link for more information but it doesn't tell everything. Just out of curiosity is this for sure a chance to hunt bulls or may it be a cow tag? Here in Colorado most all of the late seasons are for cows as that's the easiest way to meet the objectives they are looking for at that time of year. I'm not a bowhunter myself so would not be trying to get one of the tags but just wondering.

Good luck to anyone trying to get the tag and good lick with the hunt if you do.

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I'd never heard of this late hunt in NM before.  That's cool.  I'm going to have to put that on my radar for future hunts.  It's not going to work for me this year, but who knows about next year.


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I need to look into this

I need to look into this for sure.  One of my retired military friends lives in Albuquerque and has been at me to come visit.  I should go there 1st have a great archery Elk Hunt then head over to my sisters in Cali for Christmas.  Hmmmmm.  I need to really look into this one.  My buddy has all kinds of rancher friends that could probably help set this up for a great hunt.  See and without this site I would have never known about the posibility.

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I looked on the site, and

I looked on the site, and still couldn't find the info about out of staters.  However, I did see they give out 200 tags for unit 34.  When I search 34, there are tons of threads out there talking about how it's one of the best units for elk, and they are all over the unit.  Of course, all the ones I see talk about the early season hunt, so not sure what their distribution is in November/December though.

There is a number to call at the bottom with questions.

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Hmmmmmmm....... Some of those

Hmmmmmmm....... Some of those areas are only a 10 hour drive or so for me. :winK:  i wonder if it is only for New Mexico residents, or if it's for anybody, as long as you are one of the first 275 to put in for it.

I may have to call and find out.  I already had a pig hunt planned for the second weekend in December, but I can hunt them any time.  Maybe I could take a nice little 4 day weekend to New Mexico for some elk.  Might be hard to do without scouting, but someone has got to have some advice, right?

Very cool opportunity for the archery hunters to score on a late season bull!