New Mexico and Mexico Swap Bighorns and Pronghorns

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New Mexico has a long running program to bolster the state's desert bighorn populations. Last week the state completed a swap of 300 pronghorns for 10 Mexican desert bighorn rams. has a write up and short video about the swap program.

Staff from the New Mexico Game and Fish Department made the trek to the mountains of Mexico this week to bring back the rams, a trek that was potentially dangerous since drug cartels are known to roam the area. The rams are now at the Red Rock Wildlife area in the Gila country in southwestern New Mexico where they will breed naturally.


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As long as they assimilate

As long as they assimilate and pay the same taxes the rest of the sheep do I have no problem with it ha

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I'm sure this is a good swap

I'm sure this is a good swap for New Mexico and hope the sheep take well to their new home.

Although I know there is regulated hunting in Mexico I had no idea they had a dedicated game program in place. With all the other things going on down there it's good to see something of a positive nature put in the news.

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Three cheers for the hunters

Three cheers for the hunters again!

This just shows that it isn't the anti's or animal rights groups that are truly helping the animals, but the hunters and associated conservation clubs and organizations.

300 Pronghorns for 10 Bighorn Rams - I guess that gives an idea of the value of one compared to the other. Bighorn Sheep are not nearly as plentiful as Pronghorns, and I would suspect that the survival rate of their offspring is not as good either.

Thanks for publishing this article - it really helps to see how different states - and even countries - are working together to improve the quality of our herds.


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:lol:  I was going to post

:lol:  I was going to post the same thing, 300 for 10?????

It will be cool to see if this helps the population expand.  And, I like the creativity behind the "swap", insted of just purchasing some on your own and releasing them.

Good to see the states working together to manage their wildlife.