New Jersey Planning December Bear Hunt

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New Jersey had their first bear season in five years in 2010. The season only lasted 6 days and was part of a bear management plan to gradually reduce the state's bear numbers. New Jersey has another season set for Dec. 5-10th this year which appears to irk some people. They wanted to see the effect of last year's hunt on bear management before allowing another hunt.

“This is a policy of shooting first and studying (bears) never,” said bear advocate and New Jersey Sierra Club member Kate Millsaps.

On the other side, this is all part of the gradual reduction process. In the 2010, 6 day bear season, 590 bears were killed. There are an estimated 3,400 bears in the state, and they would like to keep the numbers down to avoid more human/bear mishaps. Beyond the 590 taken during the hunt, another 86 were killed on roads in 2010 according to


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that's really great if

that's really great if they're killing over 600 bears/ year (through various means) and the population is still growing. that means that the habitat is healthy if the recruitment rate is so high!

that's great to see them open it up for more harvests.

i also understand that jersey has quite a deer population as well, and you can harvest nearly an unlimited amount of does. it's good to see a new england state that has quality managment unlike others in the area.