New Jersey Deer Hunter Gets Record Bear

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Bruce Headley was hoping to get two deer, during New Jersey's firearm deer hunt. Having the two deer in his freezer helps feed his family all year long. He was hunting on the back hill behind his property towards his shed, when he saw the black bear. The black bear seemed to fill the door to the shed with its mass.

Headley had seen this bear before, but not in the woods. This bear was spotted under Headley's apple tree stuffing himself with the apples. The bear did indeed have a hunger, as his estimated live weight was 829 lbs. After field dressing, the bear weighed in at 703 lbs. making Headley's the heaviest for the 2011 bear season.

After firing 5 times, Headley is sure he hit the bear at least 3 times. The bear ran for about 50 yards before falling over dead. Then Headley field dressed and called some people to help move the massive bear. His neighbor came over on his ATV, and childhood friends came to help as well. Headley said most of the time was spent planning, it did not take as long to get the bear out of the woods as planning to get it out and getting the sled and ATV through. With the recent storms there were many downed trees, so a chainsaw was needed as well to clear the path.

Headley's bear measured 6 feet, 11 inches from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail. Hung by its back legs, the bear was nearly twice as tall as Headley and had paws that were at least 50 percent wider than a human male and claws at least as long as a human index finger.

Headley is planning on using all the meat, for his family and friends. He would like to donate the hide to the state, so that they can mount it and put it somewhere for wildlife education and more people than those visiting someone's house will be able to view it. From The New Jersey Herald.