New Fence to Keep Hikers from Bighorn Sheep

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The top section of Bump N' Grind Hiking Trail in California will be closed down at the end of June to protect the bighorn sheep. Hundreds of bikers and hikers use this trail, but will no longer have access. Currently there is a dilapidated fence, that hikers have been able to get around for years. The Bureau of Land Management plans on putting up a stronger fence to keep people out of the bighorn's habitat. Some hikers/bikers don't like the idea of being kept out from the top, but other state there are plenty of other trails, no big deal. From The BLM plans on putting the fence up sometime in June, no exact date is set yet.


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Wow...two good stories in one

Wow...two good stories in one day of a Wildlife agency steppiong up for the animals.  Keep it up and all the western states will be a great place to hunt and view all big game....along with many other creatures.

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Interesting name for a

Interesting name for a trail... lol

The populations of these bighorns are very, very small and in trouble, so i can see why they would limit the hiking and human interaction in that area.

However, I am waiting for one of the hikers to come out and ask, if they are so much in danger, why we are still allowed to hunt them. 

It's not like there are alot of licenses though.  It's one of the toughest draws there is, with the open areas usually only having 1-2 tags, and some years, they shut down entirely.  I have never drawn one, and probably never will.