New Congressional Bills Take Aim at Endangered Species Act

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Two new bills, one in the Senate and the other in the House, have been introduced that seek to repeal the protected designation of the the gray wolf. Similar bills were introduced in the previous Congress, but these are the first since the fall election. The Seattle Times has a write up on the bills and how they may effect the Endangered Species Act.

In the House, the bill's chief sponsor is Montana Republican Denny Rehberg, who says management of gray wolves should be left to the states. He introduced his bill last week. It has 15 co-sponsors. "I heard from thousands of Montanans, and folks get it," said Rehberg, a rancher from Billings. "They know that states are better at managing our own local wildlife than the federal government thousands of miles away. Unless there's a darn good reason — and there's not — the federal government has no business getting involved."


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About time they are spitting

About time they are spitting into the wind though congress will never admit the ESA has morphed into a farce. It may have started good but now it is nothing but a tool for the wolf worshippers and tree huggers. The whole act should be scraped.

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I wholeheartedly agree with

I wholeheartedly agree with that.  As you said, it has "morphed" (good choice of words) into nothing but a legal too for the animal rights people to use.

Actually, even people who want nothing to do with animals use it to their advantage.  We have had many, many cases of development being stopped because f the gnatcathcer, or the checkerspot butterfly, or my favorite, the fairy shrimp.

They need to let the states take control of the animals within their borders.  It's not like 150 years ago when we almost shot whole species to extinction.  We have educated ourselves as a hunting community on how to properly balance the species.

I'll follow this with interest!

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This is good news, hopefully

This is good news, hopefully its the first step in getting the wolfs delisted and finaly states will have the say on how to manage these animals, I hope it doesnt hit any road blocks and the feds pass these bills. I'm sure it will be a long drawn out process like all law passing is but one can hope right.