Nevada's First Black Bear Hunt Under Fire

Send by email Printer-friendly version Share this has an article running about bear hunting opponents organizing to stop Nevada's first black bear hunt planned for this fall. A group called "NoBearHuntNV" is appealing to the Nevada Wildlife Commission to stop the hunt on a variety of grounds.

[The appeal] ... attempts to invalidate the hunt on the basis the Nevada Department of Wildlife and the Wildlife Commission failed to meet minimal public noticing and information requirements and failed to consider potential economic impacts to Lake Tahoe businesses. The decision is also being challenged on the grounds it failed to provide an adequate wildlife management justification for the hunt and failed to properly employ science in estimating Nevada’s bear population.


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These anti groups need to get

These anti groups need to get a life and a clue. if they dont like whats going on they dont have to participate in the hunt. its like if you dont like whats on tv then change the darn channel. there are thousands of people in Nevada who want the hunt so why make it so they cant do what they like. I'm tired of these groupd trying to mold the world in there image. I say to the anti's GET A LIFE AND LEAVE MINE ALONE!!!!!