Nevada's First Black Bear Hunt Gets Contentious

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Last December Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners unanimously approved the state's first black bear hunt after careful review of the state's black bear population. However those opposed to the hunt are gearing up to fight the potential hunt planned for this coming August through December. The Reno Gazette Journal has the full story.

Ann Bryant of Lake Tahoe’s Bear League, a nonprofit formed to address human-bear conflicts, said she will continue to fight the proposal. A new group, “No Bear Hunt Nevada,” was recently formed, and members will travel to Las Vegas for Friday's [Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners] meeting, Bryant said. Members have also contacted the office of Gov. Brian Sandoval to try to derail the hunt. If unsuccessful in stopping the hunt outright, Bryant said critics will try to prevent it in heavily used recreation areas like Lake Tahoe. “We’re not going to give in yet,” Bryant said. “We’re totally opposed to it. We don’t think it’s a done deal.”


Addressing Human-Bear Conflicts

One of the ways these genius' propose to limit conflicts between people & bears in the Tahoe area is to limit further development in the area.  Convenient for them as they already live in the area.  A little tough on those who would like to.  Another method they seem to prefer is to relocate "problem" bears which basically means putting the problem bears in someone elses back yard.  Now their contribution to the issue is to try to scare the communites into thinking that soon there will be blaze orange clad hunters stalking the beaches of Sand Harbor or the golf courses of South Shore, if not setting up blinds in the middle of their gargage cans in the back yard.It's my understanding that the areas discussed for bear hunting aren't even in the Tahoe Basin anyway. 

Game management based on emotion and ignorance and concern for an individual animal instead of management based on sound biological and scientific principles for animal populations.  I'm convinced it will work as well with Nevada bears as it does for California mtn lions, Idaho/Montana/Wyoming wolves, etc.

It goes to show you whether

It goes to show you whether its a bear hunt in Nevada or a wolf hunt here in Idaho or Montana you will always have an up hill battle from the anti's. Like everyone else has said, science speaks for it's self and has been proved over the last however many decades that hunting keeps a healthy balance with whatever animal. Good luck over there in Nevada as we are still fighting the fight here in Idaho to keep the wolves in check. They are now taking up in Oregon and they will have the same problem there in 10 years, no hunting and too many wolves eating up all the deer and elk. Good luck!

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more hunting is better

So long as the science supports a healthy bear population with the hunt allowed then I AM ALL FOR IT.  More hunting opportunities are always good.  Of course I have not yet collected a bear and hope to do so someday, so I just might be slightly biased on this issue....



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I really hope this hunt is

I really hope this hunt is allowed to take place, if there is proof that the bear population can handle hunting than why not? I'm tired of these tree huggin people trying to change the world to how they want it to be. why is it so hard for them to understand that hunting has been around since to begining of time and is an inportant part of the balance of an ecosystem. It been my dream to put all of these wack jobs on an island with all these predators there trying to protect and see what happens. tha would make for a great reality tv series. "The real survior"

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Once again, a hunt based on

Once again, a hunt based on strong scientific evidence is being contested by the fringe animal loonies.

It appears that they are going to do the hunt like California does.  There is no set ending date, per se, but it ends when a pre-determined amount of bears are shot.

I hope it goes through.  But, i can see those Lake Tahoe people putting up a real fight.  Anyone ever sen the Bear Whisperer show on national geographic?  They have bears that hibernate under proches, in culverts around golf courses, etc.  They pretty much tolerate them there.

I actually liked it, because he does not really take any shots at hunting.  He just tries to harass the bears with non lethal methods and get them to leave, because he does not want them to get shot.  But, he says he understands that it needs to be done sometime.