Nevada's Black Bear Season is Permanent

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Nevada has a black bear population that is growing by about 16% annually. Wildlife biologists believe that the current population can support a limited annual hunt. Black bear hunting was discussed at a meeting on Saturday, and a vote also supported the hunting season. State wildlife commissioners voted unanimously to conduct an annual bear hunt.

The meeting was attended by supporters and opponents of the black bear hunt. Both sides had about even representation. “The duty of the wildlife commission is to preserve, protect manage and restore wildlife populations,” Commission Chairman Mike McBeath said. “Hunting is a valuable tool in the management of game animals.” The number allowed can always go up and down as needed.

This year was Nevada's first black bear hunt. The season started August 20th and goes through December 31st, allowing 20 bears to be harvested. So far this year eight have been harvested. From The Tahoe Daily Tribune.


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This is great, I'm glad they

This is great, I'm glad they went ahead with the hunt to begin with. They were under a lot of pressure from animal groups to hault the hunt from the get go. I'm glad to see the science beat out the bleeding heart anti's that were throwing in accurate info out there. I'm sure the biologist will closely moniter the bear populations to make sure they can support the hunting season. But for now I'm glad they went ahead and made the hunt permanite. A 700 pound black bear is very impressive and one I would love to tag myself. Congrats to tha hunter, I wonder how many more are out there like that.

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Very nice to hear this!  I

Very nice to hear this!  I know Nevada had some problems getting this started, with the opposition from the animal rights crowd, but once again, sound science rules the day.

A good opportunity for hunters now exists to harvest a black bear, without having to go out of state.  Kudos to the Fish and Game in Nevada for giving them this opportunity!

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Understand Quota Now!


Okay - thanks hunter25.  That makes sense now.  But that's puts a definite responsibility for the hunter to be calling in prior to going out on a planned hunt - one you may have paid money out for only to find you are forced to not hunt because the quota is met.  And the DOW gets to reap twice the revenue on tags for only half the animals allowed.  Hmmmmm.  I'm having a hard time with that one.  I guess if you really want a bear you better be good and get one in the beginning.


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That is outstanding news and

That is outstanding news and glad that sensible wildlife management practices prevailed. If the bear population is growing that fast it would only be a matter of time before we would be reading about some serious bear/human conflicts. Good going Nevada as this is a real plus for hunters.

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16% anually that is a great

16% anually that is a great increase and not surprisinly that that are gonna make the hunt an anual event.  And yes it does appear that some parts of the state has some great numbers and could cxreat some very good hunting for the lucky hunters that will draw a tag.  I am sure they will not be giving out very many so you can bet these will be hard to come by.  Good luck to all the hunters and hopefully the bears can continue to thrive in the state.

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It's good to see this season

It's good to see this season will continue as planned and it looks like it will into the future as well. Not a lot of tags available but at least there's hope for the guys living there to give it a try.

As to the number of tags comment it has to do with the quota. Even though there are more tags I believe once they reach the desired quota then th eseason is over even if your tag was not filled. Also if too many females are killed then the season will end even sooner before the quota of 20 is reached. Kind of like mountain lions in many of the areas here, even though they sell  lots of tags once the quota is reached for a area then it is closed. When I hunted back in 97 with dogs we had to call daily to make sure the unit we were hunting was still open.

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  Definitely open the link to


Definitely open the link to read the entire story as it has much more detailed information.  The estimate is 200 to 300 bear in the Carson Range alone.  Granted the numbers are probably not as numerous outside of the area.   I am confused though as the article starts by saying 20 total Bear tags and then later states that there were 45 tags with 41 hunters getting them and there are 33 open tags left.  I've read it several times and am still confused.  And the article states that only one bear weighed 700 pounds.  Were they expecting many more of that size?  They do provide for a nice long season though.