Nevada Set to Have a 2012 Bear Season, With Changes

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Carl Lackey is a biologist with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, his specialty; black bears. He has seen a lot and his input is important to the Division of Wildlife when setting the season. This past year Nevada had a black bear season despite criticism. 2012 is set to have a season as well, but with some changes, brought on by residents and hunters.

Residents in the Tahoe Basin do not want hunters in the Tahoe area, so the Tahoe Basin Area will most likely be closed to hunters in 2012. Residents realize there are black bears, but they would rather face the dangers the black bears bring than the dangers hunters would bring.

Hunters with their dog's welfare in mind would like the season to start a month later. A lot of dogs were getting overheated in the early fall heat in 2011. By delaying the season a month, the hunters hope to alleviate some of the heat for their dogs.

The season shortening and Tahoe Basin exclusion go before the Nevada Wildlife Commission in Las Vegas early next month. The meeting is scheduled for February 3rd. The bear hunt quota numbers will be set in May. From


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ndow if this is true you suck!!!

no tahoe basin, thats "rediculous" thats where all the dam bears are!!!!! lets see maby theres 1 or 2 on peavine and a hand full on the eastern slopes of spooner and rose other then that tahoe basin is where the bears are!!! stupid hippie tree huggers we arent going to dig in your trash cans just gonna stop the bears from doin so.....


Misdirected Anger

Sorry Brokenarrow but your yelling at the wrong group.  Focus your attention on the non and anti hunting groups in the 'tahoe basin and other areas instead of NDOW.  The bear season in NV didn't just happen overnight; NDOW staff has invested a huge amount of time (both on & off the clock) energy, sweat for the past 10 plus years just getting any type of bear season started.  The biological data they have collected, analysed, evaluated and finally used to present a sound scientifically substantiated justification for any hunting season has been proven by the fact that we're even arguing over specific accessable areas to hunt.  To blame them for the attitudes of the extremely vocal but most likely minority voice of Tahoe basin residents against bear hunting is misdirected.

Find out how you can plan to be at the February Game Commission meeting.  It's in Vegas but I'll bet hard cash that it'll be video conferenced at the Reno & most likely Elko offices also.  Be there.  If you cant' be there, send in you comments by mail. Make your voice heard.  We hunters tend to bitch and moan when outside forces dictate hunter opportunity but seldom show up when public comments are taken.  Government action most often goes towards and is directed by whoever makes the most noise, the most input or simply is the biggest pain in the ass.  The Big Game Commission and not NDOW will determine the season parameters; they are the ones that manage the people part of the hunting equation. 

It's been awhile but Nevada finally seems to have a Big Game Commission that has a good amount of intelligence, common sense and a strong hunting ethic.  Logical, well thought out and presented comments in support if increased bear hunting opportunities will go a long way in fighting against the emotionally based nonsense the Commission will no doubt here from the anti bear hunting crowd.

Regardless of the outcome, I'm still planning on putting for a tag.  Personally I couldn't care less if there's a open season in the basin as I wouldn't plan on hunting there anyway.  Good Luck on your tag application - just don't take my tag!

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i hear ya

i hear ya hal, i love ndow, just upset that they are listing to all the basin residents and closing the area to huntin. vegas is out of reach for me im a poor blue collar worker and my wife wouldnt think of lettin me take a trip to vegas with my buddies, we may not return or return with regret and extra baggadge, but i will definatly go to the ndow office in reno if they infact do have somthin going on localy...... good luck with your apps as well 55 more days untill they come out cant wait to start the next season anticapation.