Nebraska Super Tag Winner Announced

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Every year the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has one super tag available. To be entered in the lottery costs the applicant $25. This $25 won Chris Rounds of Alvo the super tag this year. It is good for 2011 and 2012 seasons and entitles Rounds to one elk of either sex, one antelope of either sex, one deer of either sex or species and two turkeys. Rounds was one of 2,081 applicants.

Chris Rounds was rather pleased with winning the super tag lottery as he did not win the lottery for an elk tag. From The Republic.


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I think it's funny to be said

I think it's funny to be said that the winner was rather pleased to draw the license here. That would surely have to be a huge understatement . Although most of us cannot buy into this drawing there are many other states that we can. I can't even imagine the excitement at getting the notice that you are the winner.

Good luck to the winner and I hope he can put it to very good use. Just goes to show that you need to apply for anything you can possibly afford.

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If I remember correctly, this

If I remember correctly, this drawing is only open to Nebraska residents.  I wanted to put in for it until I found out that I couldn't.  That might have been part of the reason for the lack of interest.  Maybe the NGPC does not do a very good job of promoting it?

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Wow, that's a heck of a tag

Wow, that's a heck of a tag to get.  And, even though a 1 in 2,000+ chance doesn't seem like good odds, I would have thought that 10,000 applicants would apply for something like this.