Nebraska Man May Face Charges for Killing Colorado Bear

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A Marine and former police officer from Nebraska, was in Estes Park Colorado with his family staying at a cabin. Earlier in the day John had gone grocery shopping and left the groceries on the counter, with windows open. He went out and when he returned home found a bear going through the groceries. The bear was trapped, but instead of letting it run off John went after it, shooting multiple times.

"He continued to shoot multiple rounds off. He hit it at least 6 or 7 times," Jayne Znijewskie, with the Division of Parks & Wildlifesaid. "We're really upset with these people. They acted irresponsibly and made poor decisions and poor judgment." A volunteer from Colorado Division Parks and Wildlife says John made a few bad decisions Thursday when he decided to unload more than a dozen bullets on the bear. A neighbor at the cabins supported John's actions "A person, a human, can come in your house and it's legal to shoot him. But a bear comes in to your house and it's not legal to shoot them? You have to protect your family," Gene Williams said.

It is uncertain if John will face any charges. He is expected to return to Nebraska today. From


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I guess I missed this on the

I guess I missed this on the news when it happened here so I'm not sure of the details that got reported locally at the time. It shows how different or innaccurate the reports can be depending on who is making hte report or how they view the situation. If the bear was agressive at all then he was justified, if it was just trying to run away then obviously he was not. The number of shots mean nothing to me as if I have made the decision to shoot then I am not going to stop until the percieved threat is over and not look to see how much effect I'm having part way through the ordeal.

It looks like he has in fact been ruled as justified so let's hope that's how it really happened.

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While I think his actions may

While I think his actions may have bee a bit excessive, I do feel that he does have to right to proterct himeself along with ghis family. Here is a link from the Denver Post and it appears that he will not face any charges as the shooting was justified.

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Funny how stories can change

Funny how stories can change so quickly.  The first time this was posted, the article stated that the bear was running away, and that this guy chased it and fired at it.  I would not support that, as it did not seem to be a threat.

However, the article you posted says that the bear turned threateningly towards the guy.  Heck, I'd start unloading too if that were true.

Thanks for the updated info and article about him not facing charges.  Good thing!

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Huh.  Well, I guess the old

Huh.  Well, I guess the old saying holds true, alcohol and guns don't mix.  Granted, it does not say anything about whether the fact that he was drinking contributed to his decision to chase the bear, you have to think it added to his bravado.

I do find it comical that they start off by blaming him because of the food and window issue.  I know it is a recommendation, and in some places out west, you can be fined for leaving food out and such, but is it criminal?  Probably not.  I do have a problem with him chasing a bear if it was running away, unless it was running towards him, standing near the only way out.  However, in this case, it sounds like the bear was already outside when he chased it.

Bad choice, hopefully one he wouldn't have made if he had the chance to do it over.