Nebraska Bighorn Permit Auctions for $117,500

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The state of Nebraska auctions off one bighorn permit per year and this year's high bid topped out at $117,500. According to Nebraska State Paper, the permit was sold to a German citizen that presumably phoned in the winning bid.

The successful bid includes four days of guide service, meals and lodging at Fort Robinson State Park. Nebraska’s bighorn season runs from November 29th through December 22nd. Money from the auction goes to the commission’s program for managing the bighorn sheep herd.


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Huh, a German citizen?  You

Huh, a German citizen?  You have to wonder about the motivation.

It's a great thing for the state to get that money, and since it will go directly to helping the herd.  that's alot of cash!

However, a German citizen wanting to come here and hunt bighorn sheep?  It does not mention if he is currently in the United States, or has plans to do it.  I know that in some lottery systems, animal rights people will put in for tags and let them go unused, just to save some animals.

I am probably being overly critical, it just seems weird.  Hopefully, in 10 months, we'll be seeing a great photo of this guy with a beautiful ram!!!

Pretty cool.

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Well it's great for the sheep

Well it's great for the sheep herd and the state of Nebraska. I guess if you have the money and it didn't matter I would be spending it also.

Of course that amount is not even close to what the deer tag went for in Utah so I guess you could say that this guy got a bargain.

Good luck to him I hope he gets what he's looking for.

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Wow! Now there's a guy who

Wow! Now there's a guy who REALLY wants to hunt a Bighorn! The fact that Nebraska only isues two permits per year would indicate that they are EXTREMELY difficult to get through the drawing, so this certainly would be a way to make sure you get one - - if you have enough money to outbid everyone else.

However, since there are other states that have Bighorns that can be gotten much more cheaply, there's always the chance that this guy is somewhat motivated by concern for the Nebraska Bighorn herd and just wants to help out by "donating" a lot of money.

On the other hand, even if a person entered the lottery in every state that has one for these animals, there would be no guarantee that he'd be lucky enough to draw one.

So - I guess I'm back to my original thought: Here's a guy who REALLY wants to hunt a Bighorn!