Mule Deer Fawns Face High Mortality Rates in Western Wyoming

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The long harsh winter in Wyoming is being blamed for the high mule deer fawn mortality. The numbers are between 45-60% fawn mortality in the Sublette herd and 75% mortality for the Wyoming Range herd, from Billings Gazette. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department have counted over 400 carcasses, this is the highest mortality since the 1990s when record keeping began. They expect more deaths of weakened deer, which means less mule deer in the years ahead.


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Every thing I read this year

Every thing I read this year is more and more bad reports of the severe effect of the winter we just came out of. I didn't think it could be as bad as I was hearing at first as my area had a pretty much average snowfall. I did not apply for deer in Wyoming but I suppose it could affect my antelope application if they cut the tags back on those as well. I will be putting in for a preference point this year and looks like that will be my plan for at least the next few until we get reports that things are on the rebound. Hopefully the winters will be a little better for awhile or things could get even worsr than they are now.