Mule Deer Dons Christmas Lights

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With each passing holiday season there seem to be more folks complaining about "Christmas Creep," where retailers push the holiday buying season further into early November. Some good anecdotal evidence that the Christmas season is starting earlier, is there appears to be more mule deer getting holiday lights wrapped around their antlers earlier and earlier. This year it's not even Thanksgiving yet and there are two incidents already in the media spotlight.

One is a buck in Estes Park Colorado that is on CNN. Another is a buck video out of Colorado Springs, Colorado that is on The second buck has a respectable rack with the start of a drop tine on his left side.


jim boyd's picture

Ummmm - Rudolph the red nosed

Ummmm - Rudolph the red nosed reindeer... am, well, I meant red nosed mule deer??

Heck, even I am confused now.

How would you like to be hunting and see one of these pass by - you would definitely think you had seen it all then.

I have seen briars and weeds all tangled up in a whitetails antlers... even had a buddy to see one with some rope trailing along behind him - also tangled up in bone - but Christmas lights???

Now we HAVE seen it all.

The good news is that they are not stong... the lights I mean - he can snap those easily... I have read about deer that got barbed wire or other fencing caught up in their antlers - which could easily pose a threat to the deer.

The one on the photo does not look overly cheerful... maybe he needs a hot toddy and a Yuletime story to cheer him up!

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That is crazy

That is crazy looking.....must have really had it out with a tree or something.  just hope he can loose the decorations when he sheds.  hate to see him get them tangled in something else and maybe do him some more harm.  Great looking deer.

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I have seen pictures of elk

I have seen pictures of elk and white tailed deer with christmas lights in their antlers but for some reason it seems like I have seen a heck of a lot more mule deer that have happened to find themselves in this sorry position. There are humans that seem to get way more into the holiday spirit than most of the population. Maybe mule deer fit that bill for ungulates ha. I would have no problem taking that second buck... even with the extra head gear. I would just mount it with the lights in there too. And I would plug them in when it was on the wall too. Then I could be one of those people that have the holiday spirit year round... just above the fireplace.

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Now that would be a cool

Now that would be a cool mount with the lights.  And think, you could plug him in at Christmas and celebrate in style. 

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I wonder if the people had

I wonder if the people had the lights up and woke in the morning to find them gone?  Probably wondered if kids took them.  Maybe the deer thinks the way not to get shot during deer season is to don gay apparel and get into the christmas spirit. 

I mean, could you look him in the eye all decked out like that and shoot him?  Okay, I guess I could once I stopped laughing.

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I'd like to find a buck with

I'd like to find a buck with "the start of a drop tine" like that!  That tine looks like it started back in April! lol

Look at how swolen his neck is in the!!!

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This happens every year, and

This happens every year, and as long as it does not interfere with that deer's ability to get food and survive, I find it pretty funny.  I actually have a 2 photos photos in my gallery from a couple of years ago that are of a nice buck with christmas lights on his rack.  Heck, everyone should be allowed to get into the Christmas spirit, right??? lol