Mountain Lion Nabs Hunter's Buck

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Witnessing a cougar in the wild is an unusual event even in areas where the population counts are relatively high. So having a cougar take possession of your game is definitely on the very rare list. The has the story of Dan Kreitman who went looking for a whitetail buck and came away with a unique story.

The 61-year-old Ceresco man, who owns a dental laboratory in Lincoln, was hunting in a tree stand with his wife, Patty, on Nov. 19, 2009, in Dawes County. It was late in the afternoon when he shot at a nice whitetail buck, which ran out of sight. Kreitman tracked the deer to the edge of a bluff, which led to a nearly vertical drop to a canyon below. "I couldn't imagine the deer was going off that bluff, but that's what it did," he said. So Kreitman carefully made his way down to the canyon. He found his deer, but so had a mountain lion.


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All the more reason to carry a Mountain Lion Tag when out deer hunting.


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That is a great story!  I am

That is a great story!  I am really surprised that he did not shoot it the first time to protect his kill.  I wonder with the photos of that situation if the Game and Fish would issure him a new tag?

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Wow, that is a neat story! I

Wow, that is a neat story!

I have an innate fear of these big predators... the bears and the mountain lions... I guess it stems from never having hunted where these guys are located...

It certainly does not sound like this cat was afraid of him - in fact, it sounds like he more or less challenged the hunter.

I am glad he was not shot - seems a waste of such a great animal - in fact I am surprised that there are not regulations against doing exactly that - and if there are, the article did not mention them.

That is a great image the trail cam captured - I would certainly love to see the other ones.

Great also to see a return of these cats to Nebraska - I think we saw something about this recently on this same forum.

Looks like a great 10 pointer that was shot - and it was a shame to lose the animal to the cat.

CA-V raised the issue about tagging the animal - I did not think about that, but I certainly would have gone back at some point and got the antlers - or the head and the antlers - and made a European mount... that mount would have had a GREAT story behind it.

I wonder also about the agressiveness of the cat - certainly it smelled where the hunter returned and put up the trail camera - it had to know the human was in and out of there several times but certainly did not appear to be alarmed by that fact.

I am also left to wonder if the state of Nebraska will put some types of protections in place for these big cats...

Interesting piece, that is for sure.

Great story - BGH!

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That's actually a pretty cool

That's actually a pretty cool story.  Can't imagine what I would do in that situation.

The only thing I can't ascertain, from the story, is if he tagged the deer?  Not being nitpicky, but he shot it, and even finished it off, and chased the cougar off. 

He then returned the next day, saw that the cougar had been back, and instead of retrieving it, he set up a trail camera.

So he basically killed the deer to feed the lion????  Again, to each his own, but I would think legally he should tag the deer.

I know alot of guys do that if they shooot a deer, and it gets eaten by coyotes overnight or something.  If you are going to leave it for the animals and not tag it, probably shouldn't put it in the paper.

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That’s a great picture!

That’s a great picture!  We might hunt for a lifetime nd never get a picture like that.



That’s a great photograph regardless of the circumstance it was taken in.  If it was legal and I had the appropriate license I surely would have nailed that cat.  Then I would have to sell some things because nothing else would do but a pair of full body taxidermy mounts with the cat standing over the deer.  I’ve seen a mount like that of a leopard over an impala in my local taxidermists’ shop.  It wouldn’t come cheaply, but I think that it would definitely be worth the expense in this case.     


At the very least that is a photo that deserves framing and display as a trophy in and of itself!

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Lions and Tigers and Bears . . .

. . . Oh, My! That is a really unusual picture. How fortunate that the guy had a camera in his possession so that he could capture the situation for all to see.

I am with you, Jim - large predators send chills up my spine. I've seen plenty of TV shows where they are hunting in Alaska and see a huge Griz track headed the same way they are. Oh My! That might make me grip my trusty rifle a little tighter.

Several years ago my son was traveling with a group to Mexico by way of Wyoming (sort of a side trip from Michigan). I don't know what state they were in when they stopped to take a break and stretch their legs.

My son walked up onto a hill and found himself on top of a bluff that dropped off for 100 feet or so. As he walked up to the edge of it (you've gotta stand on the edge, right?), he was surprised to see a cougar on a ledge just 6 feet below the rim - only about 8 feet from his feet.

He said he didn't know who was more startled - him or the cat - but they both jumped.