Mountain Lion Killed in Missouri

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First Kansas, now Missouri, the big cats are moving east. The Missourian has a news story up about a mountain lion that was killed by a rancher near his cattle.

A mountain lion killed in western Missouri on Sunday has been turned over to the state Department of Conservation in Columbia as required by the state wildlife code. The man who shot the lion said he was defending his cattle, according to Jeff Beringer, a resource scientist with the department. The man told authorities that one of his cows had been recently killed, and commotion in his field alerted him to the danger.


Ca_Vermonster's picture

Wow!  Nice looking lion, good

Wow!  Nice looking lion, good size and healthy.  Of course, if it's fattening up on cows, I can see that. :lol:  funny though, they say it's a young one.  115 pounds seems pretty good sized to me.

Glad to see that the farmer was within his right to shoot it, for harassing his animals.

Of course, the idiots, or in this case, one idiot, comes out in the comment section.  Always gotta have their voice heard!