Motorist Catches Anaconda Bighorn Herd on Camera

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If you live in deer country catching deer crossing the road this time of the year is nothing special, same goes for elk in the West. How many of you can say you have caught bighorn sheep crossing the road? How about 30 at one time? In Colorado you can occasionally catch a scene like this on the climb to (or descent from) Eisenhower tunnel on I-70 in the spring or fall.

This is just what happened to Evan Barrett of Butte Montana. has his story and a much bigger version of the photo.

As I slowed down because they were blocking the highway, I saw that about 30 bighorn sheep were out in the middle of the road. Apparently they were licking salt that was on the road for the icy conditions. I was slowly working my way through them when they started to move. I quickly caught this photo on my cell phone," Barrett wrote.

This is the same Montana bighorn herd that has been hit hard by a pneumonia outbreak that we reported on earlier.


Great Picture

I would love to be able to eye witness something like this.  I am a very amateur wildlife photographer and this would be a dream shot. Imagine the amounts of money and effort hunters and hikers pay to get a glimpse or shot at those magnificent animals and yet there they are that easy. Very impressive. That is what Rocky Mountain living is all about. I lived in Colorado for 5 years and loved every second of it. But the Army brought us back to the south and that's where we will probably stay. Unless of course if we suddenly become filthy rich we would change locations im sure. But there is nothing like Big Sky Country.

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Wow, that would be an awesome

Wow, that would be an awesome sight to see.  You guys out west have it good.  Lucky bums!

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I can... I can... Up in Rocky

I can... I can... Up in Rocky Mountain National Park this summer there were numerous times when I had to stop traffic so that sheep could cross the road in order to get to their most well used mineral lick. I was assigned to this front country work on average once a week and I did not look forward to it. It is serious work trying to keep these critters from getting smacked by a vehicle. One of my most memorable events came when I was chasing down a group of teenagers who thought it was a good idea to try and run down and confront a group of 5 mature bighorn rams. The kids had followed the sheep and had disappeared into a group of pines down a steep incline on one side of the road. I had just finished gathering up the idiots when I heard a loud noise behind me coming from the road. I turned around in time to see a giant, full curl ram coming straight at me, sliding down the incline from the road. He had bolted across the road and did not know that there were humans down the hill on the other side. He locked his legs coming down the hill and missed me by about TEN FEET. It was insane. Needless to say... I got the trouble makers back to their car pretty quick.

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Agreed Ecu.  Lucky it was in

Agreed Ecu.  Lucky it was in the daylight.  There were some photos going around last year from Arizona or New Mexico where a minivan ran into a herd of elk crossing the road.  7 or 8 of the elk died, if I recall.

That's a remarkable thing to get on camera.  Some beautiful animals in that bunch!

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It's a good thing that this

It's a good thing that this took place during daylight hours or there would probably have been more sheep killed this time than the number killed last year. It sounds as if this herd has had a bad track record for survival. Between the pneumonia and being struck by vehicles, it may take out more sheep this coming year. That may result in a reduction in the number of tags available for hunters. It's a same for the sheep but nature's will.