Mother Moose Shot After Attack

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A woman was able to use her cell phone to call for help after being attacked by a moose in her neighborhood in Palmer Alaska. The moose that attacked the woman was a mother with 2 calves. The woman sustained injuries to her chest that could have killed her. She is in stable condition at Mat-Su Regional Hospital. A charity was able to salvage the meat from the cow moose, who had to be put down when she tried to attack the woman and troopers responding.

The two calves were taken by Fish and Game to a wildlife center, and hopefully will be released next fall into the wild. This is the second cow moose put down within the week for aggressive behavior. Wednesday, one was put down after chasing a little girl riding her bike and a jogger. More from


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not very long ago i was

not very long ago i was reading something about animal attacks. it seems that the more people encroach on wildlife habitat, the more people get attacked.

in alaska, i realize that the small pockets of civilization lie in vast regions of nothing, and these isolated human centers are the acception and not the rule, but you would think that in places like palmer, ak (kind of a large city) that moose would pretty much keep away from the town.

every time i read something in the news about something involving a moose-human conflict i understand that 90%of the accident was the human's fault, the 10% THAT COULDN'T BE HELPED WAS ENCOUNTERING A MOOSE! having spent quite a bit of time there, i learned the responsible thing to do when encountering a moose (especially a bull) is to lie low if it doesn't see you yet. however, if it does see you. backup, and head away from it.

once, i was riding a chocolate bay percheron cross (a dark brown horse with black mane and tail) through the bush north of fairbanks and came upon a respectable 55 inch bull moose. he was just yards away. i pulled my revolver and had a brief standoff with the animal before my mount realized i was pulling on the reins to make him back up. we retreated as the bull postured in a mating position... he decided old Hanz was a cow moose. when we popped backwards through the bushes, i turned hanz and loped the heck out of there.

here's a link to the time magazine article i was reading about animal attacks.,29307,1968182_2081042,00.html

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After all the stories about

After all the stories about bears, wolves, lions, and coyotes lately I had forgotten that some of the less toothy animals can be quite a threat as well especially in a place like Alaska. It's fortunate that the woman was able to survive the attack but too bad the moose ahd to be put down as she was likely in her mind protecting her calves. Just shows again the respect that all wildlife deserves and that we must always be aware for our safety.