Most NJ Residents Agree With Bear Hunt

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A new poll shows that most New Jersey residents agree with a planned black bear hunt this fall. In the past, N.J. black bear hunts have been halted at the last minute by various anti-hunting groups. If this year's hunt proceeds it will be the first hunt since 2005 and the New Jersey Fish and Game Council says the hunt is needed to control the 3500 bruins in the state. has the details on the poll. The Fairleigh Dickinson-PublicMind poll out today found 53 percent of respondents agreed the hunt should be held if wildlife biologists conclude it's needed to thin the state's black bear population and if the bruins are destroying private property.


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That is very surprising to me

That is very surprising to me to hear after the past few years and how controversial their bear season attempts have been. Good for the general population for finally coming to their senses... or maybe enough of them had their grills and bird feeders torn apart that they are just now finally listening to the department of natural resources. What would piss me off the most would be if the majority of the general public agreed with this all those years but that the anti hunting groups were able to stop the hunts anways despite public opinon. I do not think that I have seen statistics on the general publics opinion of the subjects in years past but that would get me riled up if the anti's were able to put a halt to the hunt despite public opinion. They are a minority that sure gets a heck of a lot of publicity and air time.

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Anti's are going to complain

Anti's are going to complain about anything and everything that has to do with animals dying!  They just don't get it! (and never will)

Can you imagine if all of us (EVREYONE) stopped hunting for several years?  The anti's would be begging us to go hunting again after they saw the effects on wildlife and the parks.

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I disagree with the statement

I disagree with the statement about the anti's wanting us hunters to return to hunting.
They despise hunting so much. They would try to sterilize the animals like they have proposed in the past.
If that didn't work, which it wouldn't, they would probably agree for sharpshooters to cull the animals. Anything they could do to keep legitimate hunting from tahing place. They don't like hunting so much, they would come up with another term to call the culling process.

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Yeah, I think it would take

Yeah, I think it would take alot to get the antis to give in to hunting.  If sterilization wouldn't work, I could see the push for reintroduction of wolves and mountain lions into the entire range that they used to inhabit, which is close to the whole US.  This is one of their main gripes, is that we have eliminated most of their natural predators.  Forunately many many states are passing those ammendments guaranteeing us the right to hunt and fish.  Hopefully we won't see the end of hunting in my or my children's lifetime!

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You are absolutely correct. 

You are absolutely correct.  The anti's despise hunting and believe sterilization is the way to go despite multiple epic fails when tried.  And instead of bringing in revenue it costs money to try to sterilize herds.  Just doesn't work, but anything but hunting in their minds.

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I hope this finally goes

I hope this finally goes through successfully.  I have followed along with the idiotic decisions by the then bleeding heart Governor, to suspend the hunts, even after it was strongly recommended by the Fish and Game.  Mostly everyone there agrees with it, you just have some of the wonderful tree huggers that can't let things be and think they know better than people who's job it is to actually make these decisions.

Hey Doug, what problems in Canada are you referring to?  I know some animal rights group bought, or successfully leased a HUGE tract of land that had been used as a bear hunting guide service.  Is that what you're talking about?

I'll believe it when I see it...

New Jersey should be ashamed - their government is almost as bad as Canada when it comes to bear hunting policy.  NE New Jersey is packed full of bears with the only viable management strategy being hunting, yet New Jersey chooses to yield to the anti's and allows an increase in human-bear interaction causing potentially dangerous situations for both of them.

I hope the season happens, but that will require the state grow a back-bone before the anti's kick their pre-season push.

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I forget the name of the last

I forget the name of the last governor, but Chris Christie is not one to back down from difficult or unpopular decisions.  I doubt that he will cave in to the anti-hunting groups on this issue.  If I recall correctly, the last governor appointed a wildlife secretary that had ties to PETA and was anti-hunting which is the main reason there was no black bear season.

What is wrong with Canada's policy on black bear hunting?  I"ve hunted black bear there twice and it seems okay to me.

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What he said (pointing up).

What he said (pointing down).

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Hopefully for NJ hunter, and

Hopefully for NJ hunter, and residents, the black bear hunt is conducted to help manage the black bears population. I know some people don't see it the way I do, but it's beneficial for hunters and residents for NJ to have this hunt. The hunters get out in the woods to do what they enjoy doing, while the revenue raised from tags, hunting supplies, gas and hotel receipts will be a boost to the economy.

The residents also benefit from the reduction of the bear population, not as many human/bear encounters or destructive bears roaming around. Why wouldn't they hold the hunt?