More Dam Goats

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A few months ago several pictures of ibex "grazing" on an Italian dam started circulating. Like with any such widely circulated photos, there were many errors in the description of the pictures. National Geographic has a more detailed story about Adriano Migliorati the photographer behind the pictures, the name of the dam, and why the goats are out on the dam surface in the first place.

Also take a moment to check out this photogallery linked in the National Geographic story. Click on the eighth photo to behold a mountain goat really going out on a limb.


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That happens all the time

That happens all the time Jim.  Remember the one a few weeks ago with the elk hunter and the lion in the background?  Well, my father in Vermont went to a doctors appointment and had the nurse come into the room.  She said that since she knew he was a hunter, she wanted to show him something.  She said her dad's friend was the elk hunter in the photo.  My dad called me all excited to tell me about it, till I told him it was fake lol

Those dam ibex are surely incredible critters.  Sure wouldn't catch me out there on that limb..... Wink

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I agree Gatorfan about how

I agree Gatorfan about how crazy it is what the internet can do once something goes virul. It is king of scary. It is like an extreme version of that game telephone or pictophone. Things just get more and more warped on down the line. With that specific example I love how the dam was always in a different part of the world depending on who sent you the email. I heard Wyoming, South Dakota, Italy and Slovakia along with a couple others. Pretty darn funny.

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I love seeing a picuture of a

I love seeing a picuture of a mountain lion posted on here with the story about how some guy in (fill in the state) shot it and then later having a friend send me the story, but now the guy lives in Kansas.  What is funny is these guys really believe everythig they get over the internet.

The same with monster bucks.  So often there will be two or three versions circulating at the same time.

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This was funny!

That picture ran like wildfire for a little while.  The funny part was seeing it on different forums and reading from all sorts of random people saying that "their friend" took the picture here or there.  Amazing what a simple google search can turn up and shoot down!  When I searched that picture, I ended up seeing a video of a very young kid being pursued by a fox.  Pretty cool how they are born with the natural instinct and know exactly where they can be safe.

Now, that picture of the mountain goat is pretty amazing in itself!  I would hope to think that he was able to get out of there alive.  It looks like the little ledge below him might prove to be a landing area.  Those animals are simply amazing with what they can do.

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That picture of the mountain

That picture of the mountain goats really exhibits their superb climbing abilities. He does look like he is in quite the pinch. It is possible that there is a ledge just out of frame that he could fall to. I have watched bighorn sheep lambs, litterally within 2 days of me documenting their birth, make a jump twelve to maybe fifteen foot jump down to a ledge below them. It is possible that this is what this goat is going to do but its hard to tell.

Survival of the fittest, if that goat can make it out of that spot safely after exploiting the extra resources than he will most likely pass on more copies of his genes than another individual that does not present a phenotype with the ability to exploit resources like that. But if he makes the plunge than he doesn't get to pass on any more copies. But his genes live in in whatever kids he produced in the past. And so goes the story of life... haha

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So what you're saying is that

So what you're saying is that he is either going to get a gold medal or the Darwin award and his kids will get the same.  Good point!

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I viewed the mountain goat

I viewed the mountain goat picture and can't believe it.  I can only wonder if the goat was able to make it out safely or did it plunge to its death?  I am pulling for the goat, but I just can't imagine how it got there in the first place and how it is going to get out safely.  They are amazing climbers so I hold out hope that it made it to safety.