Moose on the Loose in Saskatoon Euthanized

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Residents started reporting moose sightings Sunday night into Monday morning. Often younger moose will go into the city at night, attracted by the lights, and then panic in the morning. This young moose was running around the city, at one point he was spooked by people taking pictures and ran over a parked car, doing damage to the car and to itself.

Conservation officers were called, and started tracking the moose. They were able to catch up with him at Forest Grove neighborhood, the moose was then tranquilized and loaded into a truck. The conservation officers believe this moose was the one who ran over the parked car because the front leg was broken. Officers euthanized the animal, since it would not survive with the broken leg released in the wild.

Conservation officers think with the multiple city sightings there may have been 2 young moose running through Saskatoon, but believe the second one made it out on its own. Greene said the ministry has increased the number of hunting licences available for moose around Saskatoon in an effort to keep fewer animals from strolling into the city. They would like to remind people to stay away from the animals, as they are likely to harm citizens and themselves, from The Star Phoenix.


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It's one thing to spot deer

It's one thing to spot deer or smaller animals running around town but a mosse is pretty intimidating. Although we don't have nearly the numbers of moose here in Colorado the sightings close to towns are becoming more common and on rare occasions they will wander through. A few years ago we had one hang out for a couple of days right outside the building where I work. He would have been fine but people started trying to walk up to a few feet away for pictures and he started getting upset and charging a little bit to push them back. The Dow tranqualized him and transported him back to where he belonged with no further problems. Too bad the one in this article didn't fare so well.

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Wow pretty crazy..but what

Wow pretty crazy..but what dio you expect when they are all over the place up there.