Moose Hunts Open in Newfoundland National Parks

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Moose hunts have been in the works for two national parks in Newfoundland since 2010. October 11, 2011 the season opened in Terra Nova and Gros Morne, with 20 licences issued for Terra Nova and 382 for Gros Morne.

Parks Canada monitors the health of Canada's forests, and it was determined that habitat was being destroyed by an over-population of moose. The over-population created the need to open the parks for hunting. Parks Canada waited until after the Canadian Thanksgiving, as that is a time when park traffic slows down. The end of the season is scheduled for January 8th.

There is an estimated population of 150,000 moose on the islands of Newfoundland. Gros Morne is estimated to have a population of 5,000 in the park. Parks Canada is hoping the moose hunts will be as successful as the deer hunts have been for parks in Ontario and British Columbia. From


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Execellent Opportunity

A buddy of mine just came into a small fortune and is in the process of planning a Moose Hunt for next year.  After I sent him a few photos of other friends getting a bull moose this year and last year he's all pumped up to go for it.  Newfoundland was on his list of potential areas to hunt.  Maine last year had an estimated 29,000.  Newfounland is way more remote for sure.  Would be a cool hunt to go on.  Wikipedia states (it must be true :) haha)

Canada: There are an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 moose [31] with 150,000 in Newfoundland in 2007 descended from just four that were introduced in the 1900s.[32]

4 moose turned into 150,000 interesting. 

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Very cool opportunity for the

Very cool opportunity for the moose hunters in Newfoundland.  Heck, I knew there were alot of moose up there, but didn't realize that they population was 150,000.  That's alot of moose.  Even the 5,000 in the national park is a ton of moose.

Glad to see when new hunting opportunities are available to hunters.  Too many places are being closed to hunters, so it's nice to see stories like this.


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Sounds like another great

Sounds like another great management plan. If the Moose herd is that big and needs to be thinned out I'm very pleased to hear that they opened the paks up to hunting. I'd rather see hunters get a chance to harvest one of these animals than the park service hiring sharpe shooters to thin out the animals. Congrats to the hunters who drew the tags and Good luck on your hunts. Sound like Newfoundland has a great population of moose and I might have to look into a hunt there. I've always wanted to hunt moose but I don't want to wait 20+ years to do it.

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Great job Newfoundland on

Great job Newfoundland on using sound management to control the herd. I have said it several times and will keep saying it to push the point home. Sound management not emotions managment.  We are seeing it a little bit in the states and sure hope the idea catches on to help better manage our game animals. Congratulations to the hunters who get these tags and hope they have a great season. If any of the folks who draw a tag are on the forum drop us a line and let us know how it goes.

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 Newfoundland is where My


Newfoundland is where My Dad and two brothers all got moose back in 2002.  Dad had his within the first 30 minutes of the hunt. 

It is great that this province acted efficiently and correctly in setting up a management hunt to control their moose populaton.  The season is definitely advantageous to fill those tags although the number available is less than 10% of the herd. 

Anyhow - congrats to Parks Canada and best wishes for successful hunts to those lucky enough to hold one of those tags!


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Good job up there in moving

Good job up there in moving ahead and taking care of this management situation before it got out of hand. It seems they move on these hunts in the parks and other areas up there without the problems and protests we always have down here. I bet there will be some really good ones taken in this new hunitng area.

Good luck to anyine that gets to take advantage of the hunt.