Moose Hunt Might Be on Horizon for Michigan's Upper Peninsula

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Michigan's Governor Jennifer Granholm signed legislation last year that would allow a moose hunt in the upper peninsula. A Moose Hunting Advisory Council was created, and the group has decided a moose hunt is feasible for the area. The council decided to move ahead, provided a management plan is developed, Indian tribes agree with the plan, and moose populations are surveyed every-other year.

It would be a very limited hunt. 10 Bull moose could be harvested every other year in an area where there are approximately 433 moose. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime hunt. The hunt would only happen after a population survey. The council wants to see the moose population continue to grow, and would cancel the hunt if it affected the population. Indian tribes who will be affected by the moose hunt want a moose management plan set up before the first season, which might not be until 2015. From Interlochen Public Radio.


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Wow what a great thing for

Wow what a great thing for the state of Michigan to maybe get started in.  Here in Colorado moose hunting draws alot of hunters here.  While it is very hard tag to get, once you do get that prized tag it will be a great hunt of a lifetime, so hats off to Michigan for maybe aloowing hunitng for moose up there.

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That's great for Michigan

That's great for Michigan hunters.  Moose are one of the most intimidating critters out there, and to be able to hunt them is great.

Even if it's only 10 tags, and it's a once in a lifetime hunt, it would be well worth it to anyone who was successful.

I have yet to hunt moose, but lots of my family members have got them, and I can't wait for the day that I am able to also.

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This is great news for the

This is great news for the hunters up in the U.P. I know there are not many tags planned and it will be awhile but it's still a good feeling to know the opportunity is there and you might have a chance. I was born a yooper myself and although I have not lived there for a long time I like reading about the hunting back there. All the reports I have seen the last few years have all been bad due to deep snows and reports of the wolves eating all the deer so reading this puts a more positive look on the future. Hopefully hte wolf situation will be taken care of and the deer hunting will omprove as well. I had already made the decision to never go back for a hunt as it would have taken too much time for very poor odds.

I never saw a moose when I was a kid other than in Canada so this is great.