Moose Held in Holding Cell

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The Creston Valley police department in British Columbia received 86 calls from May 23-28th, the most memorable, one made in person. A resident came to report an abandoned moose calf, he had the calf in his vehicle outside the department. The officer on duty Dan Cameron was unable to reach a conservation officer, so decided to hold the young moose in a holding cell. When a conservation officer responded the moose was released and returned to where he originally came from, according to the Creston Valley Advance.

It was unclear whether the moose was actually read its rights — or, indeed, whether a youthful moose has rights — before being locked up.


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The poor little fellow was probably all confused.

That would be the ideal resolution for sure if the calf was brought right back to where found and released.  It seems pretty likely that mama moose had wandered off rather than actually abandoned the calf.  I would say that the would be rescuer was probably pretty lucky to have been able to collect a baby moose and move it to his vehicle without having a potentially life threatening encounter with a protective maternal moose.            

That might have ended badly for everyone concerned.  The poor little fellow was probably all confused.  Let’s hope that it gives him an inclination to stay away from those scary motor vehicles and their roads in the future!

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So much for innocent until

So much for innocent until proven guilty huh? Anyway another cute story of someone trying to do what they thought was right almost causing more problems than were needed. As expected th e calf was brought right back to where he was found and released so his mother could find him right about where she probably left him in the first place. Sometimes people need to stop doing the right 

Good story though.

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Read his rights?  I would

Read his rights?  I would hope so!!!!  Don't want the moose to not get his Miranda warnings. lol

Funny story.  We should hav e a"Humor in Wildlife" section in the forums.

Almost funnier than this story are all the complaints further down the page.  I like the one where one male called to say that another male was "taunting him" at the supermarket. Nice!