Moose Crash Victims Take Provincial Government to Court

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Trial starts today in the Canadian Supreme Court for victims of accidents with moose in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada. A class action lawsuit was brought together by Lawyer Ches Crosbie. One of the victims, Ben Bellows, was left a quadriplegic after a moose accident, and says life has been very difficult for him and his family since the accident, from


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This is a lawsuit is another sad example

Wow. That’s just stupid. As said, I feel sorry for the loss of the injured party, but ANY time that you are dealing with a wild animal you need to be prepared for danger. This is a lawsuit is another sad example showing us that we live in a society where a lawsuit for just about anything is not only possible, but likely. And that cases with injury on one side and a deep pocket on the other, juries often side with the injured and award damages that they would never be willing to pay out of their own savings under similar circumstances. But in the case of a lawsuit against a government agency, that is exactly what they are doing by proxy. Let us hope that the Canadian justice system still has more common sense than what we have seen here in the United States. As noted by other posters this has the potential to set a precedent that would spread and not only the lawyers but the insurance companies would love to get a piece of the big government settlements that might result (in or out of court). Cowgal – it didn’t occur to you to sue the local, city, county or state, because you (like most of us) have a mind that actually seeks justice rather than just looking for any possible avenue toward profit! This case is especially dangerous because it is a class action law suit that would let a potentially HUGE number of plaintiffs jump in and seek damages. If there is any silver lining it might be that it might result in a few more moose hunting permits being issued!

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What makes the Provincial Government liable for moose accidents?  When will people take the responsibility for what they themselves do?  I didn't realize that Canada had taken a chapter from the USA.  We have attorneys salivating all over themselves, watching for some stupid reason to sue someone, especially someone with money.  And juries don't look at the issue as much as how much money the defendant has.  If they are rich, it gives the license to dole out huge, ridiculous settlements.

I'd like to see those attorneys locked up and fed bread and water for about 23 years.  In the first place, there isn't an attorney that is smart enough to know who owns the moose and what the moose is even doing on the road.  Maybe the Provincial Government needs to sue the guy that hit the moose because the land belonged to the moose before the guy that hit it. 

It adds credibility to the old question.... what do you call a busload of lawyers going off a cliff?  A good start!


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Just another case of someone

Just another case of someone trying to blame somebody else for something totally beyond anyones control. Everybody wants free money. I know it sucks as I've damaged a couple of vehicles myself but like others said you just suck it up and move on. Hopefully this does not go anywhere and set a precedent that would spread like crazy all over Canada and I'm sure would not go un noticed down here as well. The insurance companies would love it if they thought they could blame the government and try to get all thier money back.

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Was glad to see that this crazy lawsuit was from Canada - so all the sue-happy folks aren't just from the US, they're everywhere!

Seriously though, how in the world can any government be sued for collisions with wildlife? I've wrecked my car from a collision with a deer and never did it cross my mind to sue the local, city, county or state.

I can not believe what you

I can not believe what you can take to court these days. A class action law suit against the government for not posting warning moose crossing signs? The moose is probably dead and may have had children so I bet life for them was really difficult after the accident. It is called an accident for a reason- no one's fault.

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While I sympathize with the

While I sympathize with the person who was hurt, I can't see how it's the fault of the government.

There is not much to the article, but it does not say on what basis the plantiff is suing.  Other than holding a yearly moose hunting season, I don't see what the government can do to avoid these type of vehicle collisions.

The fact is, it's nature.  Anyone who lives outside of the city knows that you should always be on alert, because any number of things can end up in the roadway.  Drive defensively!

Not enough info.  I'd like to see more.