Moose Blamed For Greyhound Accident

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A greyhound bus driver swerved to avoid hitting a moose early Wednesday morning. The bus traveled off Hwy 5 going from Edmonton to Kamloops and landed in a ditch, the bus luckily remained upright. There were 18 passengers on the bus, all of whom were able to get off and wait for help. No one was seriously injured, one was shaken up from the incident. The passengers were taken to a hospital in Clearwater for a check up. Hwy 5 was temporarily closed but has been reopened. From


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Well, my parents always said,

Well, my parents always said, it's usually more dangerous to actually swerve from an animal, instead, you should hit the brakes and duck!!!

Don't know if that would work with a moose, but considering that it was a bus, I don't think it would have injured anyone but the moose, and caused a few thousand dollars in damage.

There are tons of people who get hurt or killed every year when they swerve to miss animals.  It's gotta be tough, because it's your first instinct, but try to avoid it if possible.

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Yep more and more of these

Yep more and more of these type stories keep popping up lately.  I wonder if it has to do with the weather change and more and morte people are venturing out to the woods for fun.  Or is that they need to up some tag numbers in certain areas and states to keep from stuff like this happening...I am gonna vote for more tags!

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more moose tags in Alberta?

Does this mean that there will be more moose tags in Alberta next season?

Well I can HOPE for it!

Sure seems like these sorts of news articles are happening frequently these days.