Montana Wolf Tags Go On Sale Monday

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Monday will open the sale of wolf tags in Montana. One can purchase them online at, or at vendors throughout the state. A resident's tag will cost $19 and a non-resident will pay $350. You must already have or purchase the 2011 conservation license.

The quota of wolves is set at 220, with each wolf management zone having a quota of its own. There are 14 wolf management zones available for hunting. Hunters must get permission to hunt on private land.

The use of dogs, bait, sent, lures, traps, lights, electronic tracking devices, or any recorded or electrically amplified bird or animal call to hunt or attract wolves is prohibited.

Montana's regulations and seasons for wolves include: .

» Early season backcountry archery: Sept. 3-14;

» Early season backcountry rifle: Sept. 15-Dec. 31.

» General season archery: Sept. 3-Oct. 16.

» General season rifle: Oct. 22-Dec. 31

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks can close a wolf zone with 24 hours notice. It is up to the hunter to check before going out to make sure the area is still open. Once the quota is filled per unit that area will be closed for the season. If the quota is not full the season will remain open until December 31st.

For a hunter to be able to keep the pelt and skull they must tag the wolf and present it to an FWP employee personally within 10 days of the harvest. If the hunter is able to harvest a wolf they must report the kill within 12 hours by calling 877-397-9453. From


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It's great to see this season

It's great to see this season finally about to get underway. If I lived in Montana I would be in line with the others to get my tag but due to the cost I doubt I would buy one as a non resident unless I had something with a pretty good chance lined up. I'm not poitive but I believe that Idaho is offering thier non resident tag at more like the resident cost in Montana. If that was the cae I would buy one for sure if hunting thier just in case one of them happened to slip by while I was hunting something else. A wolf is on my dream list but the cost has always kept me from getting too serious about it and I have a feeling that these tags are not much help to me either.

A big good luck to anyone that will be hunting in the right area though as this os truly the chance of a lifetime. If you live there you better get that tag guys.