Montana Sportsmen Want Fast Action on Wolves

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The Missoulian has an article running about sportsmen's groups reaction to the delisting of wolves in Montana and Idaho last week. The 13 groups are asking the Montana wildlife officials to move quickly to develop a plan that addresses wolves in problem areas of the state.

"We are looking for sensible, responsible management based on science and not on social issues," said Tony Jones, president of the Ravalli County Fish and Wildlife Association. Montana Wildlife Federation conservation director Ben Lamb said the sportsmen's groups will urge the state to move forward as soon as possible to reduce wolf numbers in the West Fork area. "We felt the letter was necessary to ensure that we don't lose any momentum in moving forward," Lamb said. "We think there is a narrow window in places like the Bitterroot."


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If I lived there I'd want an

If I lived there I'd want an action plan in place pretty fast too. Hopefully they'll have a hunting season on the wolfs this fall like they did a few years ago before all the court hold up. Now that the door has been opened the oficals there have a responsiblity to get things rolling, And if i were a resident I wouldnt wanna hear anything about "we need reasrch before we will do anything" thats a bunch of BS, they have been collecting data for years and should have a good idea of what needs to be done. Now should be the time to put those plans into place and exacute them.