Montana Senator Talks Spear Hunting

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Montana has a spear hunting bill that has received approval from the Montana Senate and now sits before the House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee. The bill's author, Greg Hinkle of Thompson Falls, spoke about his bill before the committe on Tuesday. The Billings Gazette has a write up on the proposal.

Hinkle said a spear is similar to a large arrow and added that it has been successfully used by our ancestors for thousands of years. “It works. It’s been around a long time,” Hinkle said. Hunting with a bow and arrows is allowed in Montana. Hinkle added that because a spear is larger than an arrow, wounds would be more likely fatal than those made by archers.


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Very interesting to think of

Very interesting to think of hunting with a spear but don't think it's anything that I will be doing anytime soon. I agree that the reasons given for not allowing the season are pretty shallow.

I have never even seen a video of anyone trying to do this so I will have to look it up. I know the bill has a sponsor but I'm wondering if this is something he does himself or who actually put the pressure on to create the opportunity. I don't see a lot of extra revenue being generated by this season.

The other bill in the article that they did not pass is interesting also about not allowing dogs to be used to track wounded game. I personally have no problem with this one and can see where it would be useful but figure they think guys will just be out running game with their dogs instead. Not likely but here enforcement could be a bigger issue.

I doubt I could hit something with a spear more than about 20 feet away myself or throw it with enough force to get the job  More power to the guys that have the ability and desire to hunt that way.

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Very cool.  Don't know if it

Very cool.  Don't know if it was the guy that you're talking about, but there is a guy that has done some shows that hunts exclusively with a spear.  He's taken all kinds of big game.

I would be more worried about the accuracy and chance for non-lethal injuries,  However, you get that now with archery and rifle hunters, who don't make the greatest shots.

I don't see where the difference would be.

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Once again, people are making

Once again, people are making decisions based on feelings and speculations rather than on anything that resembles good logic. The article in the Billings Gazette mentioned that some were concerned that it would give "one more way" that people could use for poaching. Well, poachers don't care if a spear is legal for hunting or not. If they want to kill an animal illegally, they will use whatever method they want to. That argument is just like the one that says if you keep handguns as a legal hunting weapon, people might use them to commit a crime. The truth is, if you make handguns illegal, the criminals will still have them. In fact, ONLY the criminals will have them!

I have seen Tim Wells on "Relentless Pursuit" kill a buffalo with a spear. When he threw it, it looked funny because it didn't fly like an arrow, but kind of "tail low". When it hit the animal, it didn't look like it penetrated very far and was dragging on the ground as the animal disappeared from sight. But the hole it made in the animal's rib cage quickly bled the animal and it died within a very short distance.

The Montana Senate has approved this bill; here's hoping that the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee will also.