Montana Reps Push State Wolf Hunt

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With a new congress in session the process of getting to work on new legislation has just begun. Two Montana representatives, Senator Jon Tester and Congressman Denny Rehberg are pushing the Department of the Interior to allow a Montana wolf hunt this year. NBC Montana has a video and brief story up about their efforts.

Tester has asked the Department of Interior to reconsider Montana's request for a wolf hunt. Senator Tester said, " wolves are at the top of the food chain." Tester says they're having a severe impact on ranchers and wildlife. It's time to turn that management back to the state, he said, " so we can have a state hunt."


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I hope montana and the other

I hope montana and the other western states that are facing the wolf issues can cut through all the political BS and get to manageing these animal. it should be up to a judge somewhere to decide whether or not a state can and should manage wolfs, it really should be up the the state. hopefully this will be resolved fast before the elk and deer herds suffer anymore.