Montana Quickly Sells Out of Leftover Elk Tags

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Even though Montana nonresident elk license applications stumbled, the slack was quickly picked up with all leftover tags quickly selling out. According to the Great Falls Tribune the Montana FWP was surprised at the demand for the tags, racking up a million dollars in sales in one day.

"For this time of year it surprised us," Whitney said of the million-dollar day. "We were comfortable selling a thousand licenses through the summer, but it surprised us to sell out in a day or two." The 1,200 licenses were left over from the nonresident hunting license draw held earlier this month. Nonresident hunters had to apply by March 15 to be eligible for the licenses.


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I kinda saw this coming, With

I kinda saw this coming, With the tumble in applications and all the leftovers, people probaly didnt wanna apply for the tags intionaly  protest in sorts, but with all the leftover peopel thought hey what the heck lets go hunting. The same thing will happen again next year, wait and see. heck if there are that many left overs again next year maybe I'll pick one up. I have an uncle in Montana who would show me around and get me on some animals. Good luck to everyone who got a tag.

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Montaona sells out of

Montaona sells out of leftover tags quickly and Colorado cut all their tags...kinda a scary trend.  Hopefully Colorado and Montana wuill figure ouit a nice balance.

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I really don't know whether

I really don't know whether it was a protest by some due to the big increase in random tag prices because of them dropping the guaranteed outfitter sponsored licenses or what.  It just goes to show that even with a lousy economy and record gas prices close to being matched again that there are enough people out there with money to buy most of the big game tags offered for sale in almost all of the western states.