Montana May Allow Spear Hunting

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Dust off your atlatl folks because Big Sky Country may see spear hunting this coming fall. According to the Helena Independent Record, the Senate Fish and Game Committee simply needs to decide which season to allow spears in, which they will decide shortly.

Sen. Greg Hinkle, R-Thompson Falls, said about 12 other states legalized the use of spears. The bill, SB 112, would also allow the use of an atlatl, a spear thrown with a separate device to increase power. Spear hunters often await their game from up in trees or track the game with dogs. The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks is taking no position on the bill.


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Although I have hunted with

Although I have hunted with many different things for many different animals I really don't think I will be hunting with one of these any time soon. I applaud anyone who can hunt with one of these and be successful.

If anyone here is hunting with one please give us a story about it and any success you have had. How close do you have to get and how much do you practice. Things like that.