Montana Man Kills Problem Black Bear

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Dennis Rasmussen is familiar with black bears on his property. He and his neighbor both have had experiences recently with a black bear, that had messed with their chicken coops, garbage, taken down part of Rasmussen's fence.

At 1 am on Sunday morning Rasmussen's dog started barking. Rasmussen knew something was amok. He went into his garage, and the dog came running in. Rasmussen grabbed the .22 he keeps in his garage, and looked out, it was dusty. He assumed that something was spooking the horses as well, getting them stirred up.

He saw a pair of eyes in the dark coming at him, so with the 10 rounds in his clip he used it all in the direction of the eyes. The bear ran one way, Rasmussen went the other. He went inside the house to wake his wife and daughter, they got in a car and went one way on the property while Rasmussen went the other in search of the bear. The bear had climbed the tallest tree on their property.

While the family was looking up at the bear, two Yellowstone Sheriff's deputies showed up from a report of shooting. Around 3 am Kevin Holland, a game warden with Fish, Wildlife and Parks, showed up.

Rasmussen said Holland told him the bear would be trapped and relocated if it was uninjured, but put down if it had been wounded. Using spotlights and a powerful scope, Rasmussen said, Holland quickly verified that the bear, a male weighing 180 to 200 pounds, had been wounded.

Holland took a shot at the bear, hitting it. The bear started to climb down. Holland shot it again. The bear fell dead to the ground. Rasmussen said it is sad to see the bear go, but he was becoming too familiar with the area. From The Billings Gazette.


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A .22, was he crazy? A .22 is

A .22, was he crazy? A .22 is for rabbit hunting not investigating a noise at 0100 when you know you live in bear country. Where I live we get an occasional bear but if I hear a noise I check it out with at least my 40 cal. or a 12g. Wonder if the guy was able to keep the bear?

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One again yet another bear

One again yet another bear encounter.  Sorry to see the bear have to be put down like that and not given the chance to be reloacted, but it is obvisous that the bear was not to affriad of people and was putting the familes in danger.  I can one thing if I lived in country like that and had been having some problems with a bear I think I would pack a bit more gun that a .22...all you are going to do is piss off the bear and then he may even attack you.  Did not say but I wonder if the will charge the man with anything.

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It is too bad the bear had to

It is too bad the bear had to be killed but if he was really being charged then of course it was totally justified. My only question is whether or not him and his neighbors had reported the bear being a problem before it went this far. It had caused damage already before this happened. I think if I was concerned though I would have had something a bit larger than a .22 ready for the chance it might be needed.

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  I agree deerhunter 30 - too


I agree deerhunter 30 - too bad the bear couldn't be relocated but I have not read any success stories on relocated bear.  Maybe that is not a news getter and maybe the DOW needs to report it.  Unfortunately this is just another that adds to the stories this year - more than the previous three on bears being killed due to them having too much contact with human populated locations.  Though here I also don't think I would be going after whatever was in the dark with a .22!!!  Way too small for me.



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Itis just horrible that the

Itis just horrible that the bear had to be taken out like that. It sounds like the bear was getting ready to attack the man, so he really had no choice but to shoot the bear.

It would have been nice to seethe actually relocated to give it a second chance. But alot of time if a bear is in trouble once he gonna keep going it is justin there nature.