Montana License Drawing Starts

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Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks started drawing this week for the three most requested licenses; deer, elk and antelope. Deer licenses have already been drawn and elk and antelope licenses will be drawn later this week. To see if you are a lucky owner of a drawn license check out

The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission waits for state biologists to give them a quota on the animals before determining how many licenses can be drawn per area. This quota and the number the commission determines available to hunt are based off a handful of factors. “Based on social concerns, based on biological concerns, it determines what kind of quotas a particular hunting district can withstand, how many permits we can give out for elk in a particular district, how many antelope licenses would be okay to have in a particular hunting district," Region 4 Information Officer Bruce Auchly explains.

September 10th is when big game hunt for archers opens, and October 22nd rifle season will begin. From


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It will be interesting to see

It will be interesting to see how the seasons go in Montana this year with all the snow they got and how bad the winter kill was. I had really made a mental decision to apply up there next year for an antelope hunt but now I'm not sure if it's still a good idea. I hunt Wyoming every year but would really like to add another state to my list of hunting trips. Montana lookrd like the most reasonable option to get this done. Hopefully things are not as bad as they were predicting a couple of months ago and guys will get a fairly normal season out of it. Looking forward to seeing how everyone does up there this year and getting some reports on the herd survial rate.

Good luck to everyone who applied and will be heading up there.

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Good news for Montana

Good news for Montana hunters.  But it still just boogles my mind why they wait til after the draw to determine how many tags to give away per unit.  Colorado does this also and the last two years it has screwed me.  If I knew they were gonna cuts tags in half each year I amy look for another area before I put in for the draw.....confused to say the least.