Montana Hunters Harvest 44 Wolves So Far

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Through the second weekend of deer and elk rifle season in Montana, 44 wolves have been harvested. There are still four weeks left in the deer/elk season. The archery and back country rifle wolf season opened in September, and by the time deer and elk rifle season opened 11 wolves had been harvested. With seasons opening FWP expects more wolves will be harvested as more hunters enter the field.

Mike Thompson, FWP Region 2 wildlife manager in Missoula, added that biologist have heard from hunters who have seen wolves, yet didn't have a license for them. They're also hearing from hunters who actively pursued wolves, rather than just buying the tag to have while chasing deer or elk.

However the harvest is not evenly distributed across the state in the units. In some areas very few wolves are being killed, where there is a high quota. FWP thinks there will at least be 100 harvested, but not sure after that. From The Billings Gazette.


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Great job on already getting

Great job on already getting some wolves down. I would love to be able to be up there hunting with these guys and trying for a chance at one. I have thought of hunting them in Canada for many years but the price is just to far out of my reach. Hopefully they will reach the quota they have set and than these hunts will continue and keep them under control. Even if limited it would be great to think the chance is always there. I've read some other states may soon be able to join the list or at least hope they will be able to. States such as Minnesota and Upper Michigan and northern Wisconsin have a signficant problem as well and could really use a season to help get the deer herds back to where they should be. Good luck to any hunters still chasing them this month. It could be the prize of a lifetime.

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I can only imagine how all

I can only imagine how all the animal rights activist are going to act after the season. I think this is great. The wolves do not have a natural predator so there needs to be a balance in the system some where. Well that's were we come in. It's the only way to keep a balance between wolves and their prey. To me wolves are great and all butt we need to hunt them just we do brown and grizzly bears to get that balance.

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Very cool!  Glad to see the

Very cool!  Glad to see the Montana hunters having some success with their wolf hunts.  I had been wondering how this hunt was progressing.  Good to have an update.  They seem to be well on the way to the 100 or so that they guess will be harvested.

Hopefully this can go on for a good 4-5 years, and then the animal rights people will see that we are able to fully manage a species, so that the wolves, plus the other critters around, can all coexist if they are have controlled populations.  They fear that we will wipe them all out, but that's their knee-jerk reaction.

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Thats a great start so far.

Thats a great start so far. Let's hope hunters can fill the entire quota before the season closes. I would love to get out for a wolf hunt. I think they are a beautiful animal and it would look great in a full mount in my living room. Maybe some day we will have a wolf hunt in my home state with how fast the population is growing. Keep up the good work and fill those tags.

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That is a good start and sure

That is a good start and sure hope the numbers go up. My wife and I are considering a mule deer hunt up in either Montana or Idaho in two years and for sure will get a wolf tag or two when we go. I think the areas with higher quotas also have less elk and deer due to the wolves so less hunters in those areas. If this gets to be a problem I hope they do something to get hunters into those areas to take the quota of wolves. Maybe very cheap tags or even a reward system for preference points on elk or deer for each wolf taken. Extending the season might be a big plus too. Will follow and see how the rest of the season goes.

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  Whoa - 44 wolves harvested


Whoa - 44 wolves harvested and that is even before the major amount of elk and deer hunters het into the woods.  Nice - very nice.  What was neat about this is that there were hunters out there ONLY for the wolf hunt and not an elk or deer hunter that happened to get a wolf tag just in case. 

They have three units with minimal harvest.  And these areas are to give the decreasing elk herds help in building back up.  I wonder should the season end and the quotas are no where near met in these units if the state's DOW will allow an extended season?

Overall a great success in the making for Montana here.   There management program is a great blue print for other western states.  The ability to hunt wolves only reflects the state's success in their management program. 

I would like to see a follow-up story on this once the season is over.


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I hope that we reach the

I hope that we reach the quota here but my real hope is that Wyoming's plan survives and becomes the blueprint for MT as well.  Trophy hunts around the park (or buffer type zone)and treat them as predators outside those areas.  That seems to me to be the way to keep some balance IMHO.