Montana Governor Claims, No Big Wolf Kills Planned

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The Seattle Times is running an update in regards to Montana Gov. Brian Scweitzer's comments last week, which caused quite a stir.

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer turned heads when he announced he was sending out state wildlife agents to kill packs of endangered wolves any time they attack livestock or drive down elk numbers.

The governor's natural resources adviser, Mike Volesky, told The Associated Press that wildlife agents had "discretion to use whole-pack removal" - not a mandate to do so.

"The letter probably dealt with the issue inartfully," Volesky wrote in an e-mail response. "It's usually better to leave some discretion to the experts on the ground, who can then react to specific circumstances."



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Thanks for keeping us posted on this story.


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Yeah, it is funny how a few

Yeah, it is funny how a few misplaced words can mess up the meaning.

I am sure he will continue to support killing wolves that harass livestock.  Just maybe no big statewide wolf hunts. 

At least till they take them off the endangered list... Wink

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After reading the original

After reading the original story i applauded him but wasnt sure how he could pull that off without getting into some serious truble. Its good to see they have re worded there statement. In oregon the ODFW with the USFW will kill wolfs caught in the act of attacking livestock. but by then its usally to late for a couple sheep or cattle. I hope soon each state will have the power to manage wolfs as they see fit, the fed have no business in doing it. Good luck to the state of Montana with there endevour.