Montana FWP Considers Fall Wolf Hunt

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According to the Billings Gazette, the Montana FWP is considering a 220 wolf quota this fall which would be considerably above the allocation of previous years. The FWP is targeting a 25% reduction in head count from the 2010 wolf population estimate.

Like last year's proposed hunt -- which was canceled due to a federal court lawsuit that put wolves in the Northern Rockies back on the list of animals protected under the Endangered Species Act -- Montana will be broken into 13 wolf management units. That's expected to help focus the removal of gray wolves from areas where they're causing problems. "We're modeling our proposal after the 2010 season," said Ron Aasheim, an FWP spokesperson.


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Montana is on the right track on this issue.

Thanks for sharing the information.   The state of Montana has probably increased the numbers for this years proposed hunt BECAUSE last years’s hunt was cancelled and no wolf harvests too place.  As I’ve said over and over again - I’m all for increased hunting access so I support the wolf hunts.  I applaud Montana for choosing hunting as the most efficient and effective vehicle for both reducing the gray wolf population.  It never makes sense to me when other methods of animal population control are tried.  Hunting has proven effective and efficient while putting money in the state’s coffers and hides on hunters’ walls.  It seems like hunting as the solution to deal with a population’s over abundance.  It’s a win and win solution for government, ranchers, and hunters every time.      

It makes sense to look at the wolf population in the thirteen targeted areas too rather than make a broad announcement on all statewide hunting areas.  It seems to me that Montana is on the right track on this issue. 


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Gald to see some of the

Gald to see some of the states already coming forward and getting some seasons worked out to keep them wolves under control, as I said before I do hope that the states will stick to their guns and fight to aloow the hunting, the wolves could cause alot of damage and could cost the state alot of money if the controlled properly.

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Maybe we can finally get down

Maybe we can finally get down to business and get the wolves under control. I bet there will be more issues to try and stop them so hopefully it will go forward this time. Saying that they are considering a fall hunt is a little funny as they have been waiting to throw the door open on them for a long time now.

I'm interested to see how the great lakes states play into this as the problems they are having don't get as much press but are equally as bad.

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the great lakes states of

the great lakes states of michigan and minnesota have been having similar problems, but they don't get high ratings in the news because they aren't next to the word "Yellowstone" in the headline title.