Montana Elk Study Shows Good Calf Survival

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Montana elk calves born last spring were fitted with a radio transmitter and currently 64% of those elk are still alive. This study was conducted in the Bitterroot Valley area in Northwestern Montana.

The number is higher than expected, and also higher than neighboring state, Idaho. Some biologists believe that Idaho has a larger population of black bears that feed on the elk calves.

This is part of a 3 year study being conducted by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the University of Montana on the elk population in the state. From


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It's great to see such a

It's great to see such a positive story on game survival after all the other reports we hhave been getting lately. Even from just this general area the reports are usually bad between the wolves and the terrible winter conditions endured up there last year. It seems that the antelope herds are the ones that suffered the most and maybe a little bit on the deer as well. Elk are a tougher animal but for the calves to survive it must not have been too bad. With all the publicity th e wolves get I often forget how much of a factor that bears can play on biggame predation as well. In some areas they have a huge impact on calf survival on many animals such as elk, moose, and caribou.

Sounds like there will still be some great hunting in the future for this area at least though.

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Good to see.  They have

Good to see.  They have always talked about the effect of wolves and black bears on the population of elk, so it's good to see that alot of the calves are surviving.

Now, when they have their wolf seasons this fall (hopefully) it will have an even more beneficial affect on the herd!