Montana Considers New Bighorn Herd

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According to the Missoulian, the Montana FWP is thinking about introducing a new herd of bighorns into the Bitterroot. While the plans are not complete, the introduction will depend on whether domesticated sheep will be allowed into the Warm Springs drainage.

"It's a very big drainage with a small elk and mule deer population," said FWP Bitterroot biologist Craig Jourdonnais. "It also has a lot of good sheep habitat that doesn't have any sheep." Currently, there are herds of bighorn sheep on both sides of the Warm Springs drainage in the east and west forks of the Bitterroot. "Locals tell me they see sheep in Warm Springs occasionally, but they're not there all the time," Jourdonnais said.


groovy mike's picture

I applaud this effort by the state of Montana

I’m all for reintroducing and expanding animal ranges where they already
are, so I agree and applaud this effort by the state of Montana too. I don’t
ever see myself as a sheep hunter – mostly because I don’t much care for the
flavor of any mutton I’ve ever tried, but I like the idea of increased hunting
opportunities for anyone who is a hunter of any kind – sheep hunting included.
Just because it doesn’t interest me doesn’t mean that I don’t support or
can’t benefit from these potential expanded opportunities. I'd love to hunt in
Montana someday so as far as I’m concerned if someone is busy chasing bighorn
sheep – that just might result in more moose, white tail deer, or mule deer
hunting opportunity for me and (God willing!) a few more animals to collect that
I am interested in – while the sheep hunters are busy chasing those curly
horned, high altitude climbing critters that make their hearts thump and palates

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I consider Bighorn's to be

I consider Bighorn's to be one of the most majestic animals we have in the wild and applaud any efforts to expand or improve the herds. I'm sure Montana is not somewhere that I will ever hunt them myself but look forward to drawing a tag here in Colorado someday.

Good job to the state of Montana for trying to expand the opportunities in their state.