Monster Oklahoma Buck Poacher Sentenced

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In Latimer County Oklahoma there was a famous buck that the locals called the "BP" buck. Unfortunately in late 2009 the buck was poached, but due to a tip and careful law enforcement work, the poacher has been brought to justice. The Oklahoman has a write up on the buck, the case, and the sentencing.

The antlers from the “BP” buck were found hidden in an air duct compartment in a wall. Authorities also discovered 103 other untagged deer antlers in the home. Kenny Nixon, 35, of Bokoshe pleaded guilty on March 17 in Latimer County to several misdemeanor wildlife violations in connection with the “BP” buck, including shooting a deer in a closed season and illegal possession of a whitetail deer.


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Yet again another dumb ass

Yet again another dumb ass taking a animal awat from a legit hunter that would have been proud as heck to have bagged a anima like that.  Gldhe is caught and now throw the book at him.

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I'm glad they cought this

I'm glad they cought this guy, the penelty seems to be good too. but he was illegaly taking deer before, whats gonna stop him now, i say throw him in jail for the 20 years, that would stop this guy from poaching. but good police work and fallow through. That was one heck of a buck to bad he had to go like that.